Learn to Let It Go

Giving up on my inner control freak

by Published: Apr 23, 2014

Power is a beau­ti­ful and destruc­tive tool.

In the past two years, I’ve watched the posi­tion of Torch editor-in-chief and con­jec­tured that it can be either one of the most pow­er­ful or career-killing posi­tions a stu­dent at this insti­tu­tion can hold.

As I come closer to my first Torch issue at the helm, I real­ize that the bal­ance of power this posi­tion holds, while impos­ing, is not my first con­cern. (more…)


Out of Touch

Governor Snyder needs to start acting his position

by Published: Apr 23, 2014

Just two weeks ago, Governor Rick Snyder vis­ited Ferris’ cam­pus. Didn’t hear about it? You’re not alone.

Snyder, here for a tour of the Swan build­ing, came and left cam­pus almost anony­mously an hour before he was sched­uled to do so. The gov­er­nor is noto­ri­ous for not talk­ing to the press or hav­ing much to say in gen­eral, so I wasn’t par­tic­u­larly offended when he left with­out answer­ing ques­tions. What offended me was his atti­tude while he was here. (more…)


Web Buzz

by Published: Apr 23, 2014

I’m proud to say the Torch web­site has seen a sig­nif­i­cant increase in traf­fic this year.

More peo­ple have been vis­it­ing our web­site, and con­se­quently, more peo­ple have elected to leave com­ments on var­i­ous stories.

Now, 99 per­cent of the time, we have no idea what arti­cles or columns will gen­er­ate reader feed­back. For exam­ple, I antic­i­pated the world implod­ing after we pub­lished the sex toys story back in February, but we only received one let­ter to the edi­tor (and it was pos­i­tive!). On the other hand, the Torch has run sim­ple, non­con­tro­ver­sial news sto­ries over which peo­ple have gone crazy. (more…)


Creativity Has Its Price

Why being in a creative major is actually really underestimated

by Published: Apr 23, 2014

Nothing grinds my gears more than when I tell some­one I am a Graphic Design major and they reply with, “looks like you took the easy way out.”

I may not be at Ferris for Pharmacy or Optometry, which are looked at as very dif­fi­cult degrees, but I put in just as many hours, and maybe even more, when it comes to school work. (more…)


Trust Falling

The ups and downs of conquering your fears

by Published: Apr 9, 2014

This year was a mile­stone in terms of my per­sonal goals.

Throughout high school I was active in the the­ater pro­gram, but only ever work­ing back­stage. Due to a lack of con­fi­dence, I decided never to audi­tion out of fear of rejec­tion, or worse-actually mak­ing it in and hav­ing to go on stage. But, at my core I am noth­ing if not des­per­ate for atten­tion. I was con­vinced to audi­tion for Ferris’ pro­duc­tion of “Ajax in Iraq” and, to my dis­be­lief, actu­ally got a part. (more…)


Worth It

by Published: Apr 9, 2014

I can’t decide if writ­ing this edi­to­r­ial each week is becom­ing increas­ingly dif­fi­cult because A) I have noth­ing left to say or B) I have too much left to say.

Either way, my time as Editor-in-Chief of the Torch is com­ing to a close. Across the news­room, things are shift­ing as some peo­ple begin to step into their new roles while oth­ers pre­pare to make their exits. (more…)


Surviving to Thriving

Saving the world, one woman at a time

by Published: Apr 2, 2014

Many Americans have an undy­ing fear of being poor.

We tend to think poverty is shop­ping at Goodwill or your elec­tric­ity get­ting shut off every once in a while.

Meanwhile, women in Northern Uganda can’t even go to the bath­room dur­ing the day because they don’t have bath­room facil­i­ties. (more…)


Who You Calling Bossy?

Social Media movement begins to ban the word bossy

by Published: Apr 2, 2014

I have always con­sid­ered myself a leader in the class­room. However, as soon as I heard the word “bossy,” I stopped rais­ing my hand and draw­ing atten­tion to the fact I wanted to ask ques­tions and be assertive.

When a lit­tle boy asserts him­self, he is often called a leader, yet when a lit­tle girl asserts her­self, she risks the chance of being labeled bossy, pushy or even stub­born. This dis­cour­ages females from tak­ing con­trol and stand­ing up for them­selves. (more…)


Proud Alumna

by Published: Apr 2, 2014

Everybody is a cham­pion for free speech until some­one says some­thing they don’t like (or burns a flag).

Exhibit A: My high school newspaper’s “con­tro­ver­sial” columns on the pros and cons of friends with benefits.

The Wind-Up, St. Joseph High School’s stu­dent news­pa­per, will always have a spe­cial place in my heart. It’s where I got my start in jour­nal­ism. Even as a high schooler (who by nature appre­ci­ated very lit­tle), I was grate­ful for an out­let to express myself. (more…)


The Buzzing

by Published: Mar 29, 2014

Its game day in Cincinnati.

From sec­tion 121, row L, seat six in an empty US Bank Arena, the game­day prepa­ra­tion is underway.

Snow machines are buzzing loudly. Spray tanks are being used to main­te­nance the NCAA logo’s behind the net. The Zamboni hums along, lightly coat­ing the tar­nished ice. (more…)