Playing It Safe

Tips on how to drink and party safely

by Published: May 21, 2014

We all know college students are among many people who like to go out with friends and drink alcohol, but safety is our own responsibility.

There are many ways to go out and drink safely with friends, but it all starts with just being the appropriate, legal age of twenty-one.

Big Rapids neighbor to the south, Grand Rapids, is just 50 minutes down highway 131 south, and supplies major entertainment needs for Western Michigan, from going to Whitecaps Baseball games and Griffins Hockey games, to their bars.

A Quick Escape

Day trips to get out of Big Rapids

by Published: May 21, 2014

Big Rapids neighbor to the south, Grand Rapids, is just 50 minutes down highway 131 south, and supplies major entertainment needs for Western Michigan, from going to Whitecaps Baseball games and Griffins Hockey games, to their bars.

Welcome to Big Rapids, your new least favorite home.

The quaint country town has its distractions and its attractions, but out-of-towners, it can be a bit scant. There are two solutions: make your own fun or get the hell out of Dodge. This is for those who favor the latter.

Grand Rapids

Do you remember downtowns, those sprawls of specialty stores and one-off cafes? Big Rapids has one, and even has some cool things! But Grand Rapids has more: comic shops, record shops, music venues, multiple bars. Gather a gaggle of friends and spend a lazy Saturday down there. You might actually be able to find a movie you want to see, and on a great screen.



Do What You Love

Students can find an organization on campus that suits their interests

by Published: May 21, 2014

Being involved in a registered student organization (RSO) is an aspect of college life that many Ferris students experience.

A RSO is a group of Ferris students with a similar interest in an activity, subject or cause.

Ferris has over 200 RSO’s, so finding one that sparks interest should be fairly easy.


Tips From DPS With Officer Matt Decker

Staying safe on campus

by Published: May 21, 2014

Walking around campus after dark:

“Best bet is to walk with a friend or someone that you trust. Don’t ever walk alone. We recommend that you stay in well-lit or well-populated areas. Be aware of your environment and pay attention to what’s going on around you.”

If you have to walk alone after dark:


Party Savvy

Don’t get caught in a bad spot

by Published: May 21, 2014

College! That means wicked awesome parties, right? They’ll be just like the movies, with the best music playing and the hottest kids dancing, each party better than the last. It’ll be the time of your life, maybe, as long as you protect yourself. Don’t just protect yourself from others, you’ll have to watch out for yourself, too.

Don’t do it alone
Parties are great for meeting people, but you always want a safety net. If everyone is lame, trashed or maybe smells a little funky, you need to have a corner to retreat to.

More people also means more info. Your friends can give you the low-down on who’s who at the party and where the next, less lame party is.

Have a Designated Driver

Don’t take chances. You know those public service announcements about how buzzed driving is drunk driving? It’s no joke. Don’t endanger yourself, and don’t endanger others.

It’s also important to remember a good designated driver is worthwhile. This way you can go to the party safely and can focus on having a good time when you arrive. Get a friend with a minivan to take you on to the next one.

Keep in touch

What’s the point of a DD if you lose them? Keep your friends close and your phone closer (and fully charged, for that matter). If plans change, let a friend know. The last wake-up call you want is the police pounding on the door, called by a frantic roomie.

Know your drink

Be wary of what you’re drinking. There are many people out there: some sinister, some ignorant and some just down for a laugh. Know your limits and stick to them because you don’t want to end up hidden behind sunglasses and wrapped around a toilet all morning.


Duh. Water will be your saving grace.

Respect the residence

It’s not your place so don’t smash it up. We all want to turn up, but hosts of parties don’t want their stuff broken. Oddly, people seem less likely to rage repeatedly when they lose their security deposit.

Also, tip your hat to the host. It’s pretty awesome of them to risk their place being trashed so you could work out those school-heightened hankerings. Respect them, for they are angels with great spaces for drinking.

Know what you’re getting into

So you’re going to a “party.” Cool. A party could be ten friends drinking wine and watching a movie or it could be a massive drunken block party with DJs and dancing. Is it BYOB or is the jungle juice free flowing? Will your space be respected or will drunken bros be grinding on everyone in site? Find out what you’re diving into and prepare yourself properly.


Feel free to chat. We’re all there to escape the cramp of awkward social norms, eye contact aversion and keeping to cliques. Discover someone new, even if it’s only for five minutes while you wait for the bathroom.

Have fun

Seriously. College doesn’t last forever. Just don’t get arrested.

Off campus apartments such as Tioga are available.

So You Want to Live Off-Campus?

Many factors play a part in the decision making to live on or off-campus

by Published: May 21, 2014

Many students find themselves unsure whether or not to move off of campus.

Ferris junior criminal justice major Jessica Micakovic originally lived off-campus but decided to move on to campus her junior year.

“I think it’s beneficial to live on campus because it’s easier to meet new people, make friends, and know about upcoming events on campus,” Micakovic said.



Getting a Leg Up

Ferris provides a number of resources to help the aspiring student

by Published: May 21, 2014

The culture shock of a college curriculum can strike like lightning — suddenly you’ve failed two quizzes and a test, with the homework’s equations looming like some cruel, illegible joke.

For those seeking some assistance, whether it be to reach a 2.0 or a 4.0, Ferris offers a few options. Jane Pole, supervisor of the Academic Support Center (ASC), went into detail on how students can get some help — and when they should schedule that help.


Blame It on the Adderall

Prescription drug use and the college student

by Published: May 21, 2014

College finals weeks can be one of the most stressful times in a young adult’s life, and some students turn to drugs, legal and illegal, to take the edge off.

Throughout the last week of school, students are pushed to their mental limits as they cram as much studying into one week as they can to prepare for final exams. To stay up during the grueling study nights, some students guzzle coffee by the pot and some resort to the ol’ self-face slap. Other students, though, turn to drugs, prescribed or other, to combat the effects of exam week.


Park It Perfect

Tips and tricks to avoid getting tickets on campus

by Published: May 21, 2014

For students at Ferris State University, one of the more frustrating things on campus may be parking, but that problem can be solved with one simple solution. Follow the rules.

Austin Wallace, a freshman in the nursing program at Ferris, had one piece of advice for everyone when it comes to parking.


Living on Your Own

Five differences between high school and college

by Published: May 21, 2014

You finally did it. You’ve approached your first big milestone in life upon graduating high school. Chances are you’re feeling excited, free and even a little scared or lost.

Regardless of your feelings, you’re about to experience a major transition from high school to college this fall.

Believe it or not, adjusting to these changes may take some getting used to.