Commenting Policy Agreement

The Ferris State Torch pro­motes civil dis­cus­sion and debate about issues pre­sented both in the news­pa­per and on the web­site, fsu​torch​.com.

User com­ments are auto­mat­i­cally posted; how­ever, staff will strive to mod­er­ate and remove com­ments that do not fol­low the fol­low­ing rules. By sub­mit­ting a com­ment on fsu​torch​.com, the user agrees to abide by the fol­low­ing rules:

  1. The user agrees to not sub­mit inap­pro­pri­ate com­ments. Inappropriate com­ments include but are not lim­ited to con­tent that:
    1. Violates copy­right, trade­mark or intel­lec­tual prop­erty laws
    2. Is porno­graphic, obscene or sex­u­ally explicit
    3. Violates local, state, national or inter­na­tional laws
    4. Contains adver­tis­ing, spam or solic­i­ta­tion of any kind
    5. Degrades oth­ers on the basis of race, class, gen­der, sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion, dis­abil­ity, eth­nic­ity or religion
    6. Impersonates oth­ers
    7. Is libelous or defamatory
  2. The user bears full respon­si­bil­ity for com­ments posted on fsu​torch​.com. The user will notify The Ferris State Torch/ if he or she dis­cov­ers a com­ment vio­lates these rules.
  3. By sub­mit­ting a com­ment, the user agrees to allow The Ferris State Torch to print the user­name and com­ment in the news­pa­per and elsewhere.
  4. The user under­stands that a vio­la­tion of com­ment rules can result in the removal of the com­ment and could be sub­ject to fur­ther investigation.