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Relay for Life

This year’s Relay for Life proves to be Ferris’ most successful one yet

by Published: Apr 9, 2014

The 12-hour buzz of fundrais­ing activ­ity that is Relay For Life returned to Ferris’ cam­pus on April 4 and 5. This year’s event raised $34,765.81, a Ferris Relay record.

The sched­ule for Relay For Life, an American Cancer Society fundraiser hosted annu­aly at Ferris by Colleges Against Cancer, was ini­tially dis­rupted by a youth hockey tour­na­ment. This, how­ever, didn’t stop Colleges Against Cancer co-president John Letherer and his E-board from get­ting the event back on track. (more…)


A Modern Greek Tragedy

Cast of “Ajax in Iraq” discusses the play’s treatment of social issues

by Published: Apr 2, 2014

Whereas Ferris’ fall pro­duc­tion of “Spamalot” was clas­sic comedic fare, upcom­ing mil­i­tary drama “Ajax in Iraq” will, accord­ing to the cast, leave audi­ences speechless.

“[Director Katherine LaPietra] tends to go very fun one play and very seri­ous another play,” crim­i­nal jus­tice junior Georgina D’Hondt, who plays co-lead of A.J., said. “Like last year; we had ‘Legally Blonde’… and then we had ‘The Best Man.’” (more…)

Board games have been a hobby of Daniel Chou, East Campus Suites hall director, for years. Chou recently created a game called “Security Council,” a strategy board game about nuking your friends. Here he shares his games with friends and residents for feedback, which has been quite positive. 

Courtesy Photo Provided By: Daniel Chou

The Most Dangerous Game

Ferris hall director brings students together with games of nuclear warfare

by Published: Mar 26, 2014

Board games have been a hobby of Daniel Chou, East Campus Suites hall direc­tor, for years. Chou recently cre­ated a game called “Security Council,” a strat­egy board game about nuk­ing your friends. Here he shares his games with friends and res­i­dents for feed­back, which has been quite pos­i­tive.
Courtesy Photo Provided By: Daniel Chou

“Nuke your friends, that’s what they’re here for.”

So pro­claims the tagline for Security Council, a board game cre­ated by Ferris State’s Daniel Chou. In the game, feel­ings are hurt, alliances are built and bro­ken and nuclear war is launched.

Creating board games has long been a hobby for Chou, hall direc­tor at East Campus Suites. He’s toyed around with the idea before, but there was some­thing about Security Council that seemed just right. (more…)

The Balsam Brothers band performs during the Battle of the Bands event held this past Friday at the Gate. The Balsam Brothers won the battle and will perform at Relay For Life on April 4-5, as will second place finishers Bridge the Gap.

Courtesy Photo Provided By: Mariah Bouwkamp

Battle of the Bands

Ferris’ own The Balsam Brothers come away with a victory at Relay For Life event

by Published: Mar 26, 2014

The Balsam Brothers band per­forms dur­ing the Battle of the Bands event held this past Friday at the Gate. The Balsam Brothers won the bat­tle and will per­form at Relay For Life on April 4–5, as will sec­ond place fin­ish­ers Bridge the Gap.
Courtesy Photo Provided By: Mariah Bouwkamp

Relay For Life at Ferris is a time when stu­dents come together to raise money for can­cer, but it often inspires a lit­tle bit of competition.

Five bands vied for vic­tory at Friday night’s Battle of the Bands, a Relay For Life event hosted at The Gate. Travis Hodder, a junior in music indus­try man­age­ment and the vice pres­i­dent of Colleges Against Cancer, was the main force in plan­ning this year’s event. (more…)


Lazy or Legendary?

It’s cheating to say both, but our generation does what it wants

by Published: Mar 26, 2014

To say there is a “rag­ing debate” about the alleged lazi­ness of Millennials would sug­gest there’s a debate at all, but many seem to take it as a given.

We’re lazy — or, as some clever peo­ple will say, “Generation Lay-Z” — gadget-dependent, spoiled rot­ten and cul­tur­ally and polit­i­cally igno­rant. That’s what the media and the Baby Boomers say, any­ways. And maybe they’re right. (more…)

Kera Halverson, once a Peace Corps volunteer turned recruiter, helps a woman learn basic computer skills. Members of the Peace Corps volunteer and travel to foreign countries to live with and help people.

Aid Abroad

Future Ferris student and Peace Corps recruiter reflect on their time abroad

by Published: Mar 19, 2014

Kera Halverson, once a Peace Corps vol­un­teer turned recruiter, helps a woman learn basic com­puter skills. Members of the Peace Corps vol­un­teer and travel to for­eign coun­tries to live with and help people.

Imagine: Two years liv­ing in a tiny vil­lage where no English is spo­ken. You’re a few hours from your near­est fel­low vol­un­teer, and almost a whole day of trav­el­ing away from your office. The WiFi is ter­ri­ble, and that’s if you’re lucky. This is the Peace Corps.

Kera Halvorson, a for­mer vol­un­teer turned Peace Corps recruiter, and Katie Miller, a for­mer vol­un­teer and University of Michigan grad­u­ate join­ing Ferris’ accel­er­ated bachelor’s of nurs­ing pro­gram in May, came to talk about their time in Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, respectively.

“Peace Corps is such a cool oppor­tu­nity we have as Americans,” Miller said. “I’m a huge Peace Corps advo­cate. If peo­ple get me going, they bet­ter watch out because I’m going to talk for a while.” (more…)


The Race to 2.5k

Ferris student aims to raise $2,500 for Relay for Life

by Published: Mar 19, 2014

There are numer­ous recog­ni­tions for Relay for Life fundrais­ing. The high­est recog­ni­tion — All Star — is yet to be matched at Ferris, but one stu­dent plans to be the first.

Kirstin Thorhauer, first-year phar­macy stu­dent and Relay for Life vet­eran, hopes to raise $2,500, the bar for All-Star status.

“I have been involved with Relay for Life for almost ten years and have team cap­tained over 10 dif­fer­ent teams at four dif­fer­ent Relays,” Thorhauer said. “Last year was my best fundrais­ing year ($1,800), and I knew I could do bet­ter.” (more…)


Ferris Fest Headliners Announced

Reel Big Fish and Karmin pair for annual spring show

by Published: Feb 28, 2014

Entertainment Unlimited has revealed the head­liner of this year’s Ferris Fest as Karmin.

The young pop duo is known for their cov­ers and the 2012 Top 20 hit “Brokenhearted,” which peaked at num­ber one on the US dance chart and num­ber 10 on the US pop chart.

Subheadlining this year’s Ferris Fest is Reel Big Fish, one of the most suc­cess­ful ska bands of the last two decades, they’ve charted in the Billboard 200 four times, and their hit song ‘Sell Out’ peaked at 69th in 1997.

Ferris Fest this year will be held on Saturday, April 26, from noon until six pm at the west intra­mural field. As always, the event is free of charge.

Entertainment Unlimited is cur­rently seek­ing busi­nesses to spon­sor the event.

Last year’s head­lin­ers were rock band Motion City Soundtrack and rap­per Yelawolf, the lat­ter of whom did not make it to the event.


Feeling at Home

A peek into one organization’s big conference experience

by Published: Feb 26, 2014

“She inspired me.”

That’s what DSAGA vice pres­i­dent said of Chely Wright, the first work­shop Ferris State stu­dents attended at the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference [MBLGTACC].

Inspiration was also echoed by other atten­dees. Earlier this month, fif­teen mem­bers of the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance made the 14-hour drive to attend the largest LGBTA con­fer­ence in the nation, which boasts about 1,700 col­lege stu­dents attend­ing every year. (more…)


Random Delivery

The trolls have retreated to their caves, gifts have come in their place

by Published: Feb 26, 2014

Following in the foot­steps of Ferris alumni Brandon Owczarzak and Sam Sanders, Ferris State senior in tele­vi­sion and dig­i­tal media pro­duc­tion Michael King is sur­pris­ing unex­pect­ing peo­ple on camera.

The grad­u­ates’ Ferris Trolls video series — a prank video show of our very own — caused a ruckus around cam­pus. King is tak­ing a more benev­o­lent approach than his pre­de­ces­sors with his new seg­ment, Random Delivery. (more…)