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Ugly Sweater

by Published: Dec 4, 2013

Jingle bells, col­or­ful rib­bons, a uniquely designed hol­i­day pat­tern and even some pom poms and felt added on — that’s me.

I sound beau­ti­ful, don’t I? I am the won­der­fully col­or­ful Christmas Sweater. Many of you would prob­a­bly call me an “ugly Christmas sweater,” some­thing you’d get all dolled up in before a hol­i­day party. I was once someone’s trea­sure, you know. They wore me proudly.

Now I am a joke. (more…)

This year, Dec. 21 marks the first day of winter, but it feels a lot sooner as Big Rapids residents expect snowfall in the weeks to come. However, this doesn’t stop the outdoor fun for all. The winter season offers many outdoor activities such as making snowmen, snow forts, sledding, ice skating, snowboarding and skiing.
Photo By: Brock Copus | Multimedia Editor

Winter Wonderland

Students share why winter is their favorite time of the year

by Published: Nov 20, 2013

This year, Dec. 21 marks the first day of win­ter, but it feels a lot sooner as Big Rapids res­i­dents expect snow­fall in the weeks to come. However, this doesn’t stop the out­door fun for all. The win­ter sea­son offers many out­door activ­i­ties such as mak­ing snow­men, snow forts, sled­ding, ice skat­ing, snow­board­ing and ski­ing.
Photo By: Brock Copus | Multimedia Editor

Winter is a time to get together with friends and fam­ily in an effort to cre­ate new mem­o­ries and cel­e­brate old traditions.

Every year, when they wake to the first big snow­fall, kids will rush out­side to build the first snow­men and snow forts of the year, or pos­si­bly to chuck a few snowballs.

The rest of us will get a chance to reflect on our mem­o­ries of doing those very same things, per­haps sip­ping some freshly made hot choco­late with those lit­tle marsh­mal­lows, of course. (more…)


Black Friday Looming

Working the dreaded Black Friday retail shift

by Published: Nov 20, 2013

3 a.m. That’s the time I will be head­ing into work after enjoy­ing a lovely Thanksgiving din­ner with my fam­ily. That’s when the mad­ness will begin.

Working at MC Sports, I’m not expect­ing any­thing crazy to hap­pen. Last year went off with­out any fists being thrown, any large fights erupt­ing or peo­ple stam­ped­ing. Being a sport­ing goods store in out­doorsy Big Rapids, though, we were fairly busy. (more…)

In anticipation for the comedy jam on Nov. 16, the YBBW host a night of Wild ‘N’ Out, a game based off the MTV hit series In this game teams compete in numerous and humourous challenges such as talking spit, where the captains of each team hold water in their mouth as members of the other team try to make them laugh and spit it out.
Photo By: Eric Trandel | Photo Editor

Laugh It Up

YBBW Comedy Jam is back, promises entertaining evening

by Published: Nov 13, 2013

In antic­i­pa­tion for the com­edy jam on Nov. 16, the YBBW host a night of Wild ‘N’ Out, a game based off the MTV hit series In this game teams com­pete in numer­ous and humourous chal­lenges such as talk­ing spit, where the cap­tains of each team hold water in their mouth as mem­bers of the other team try to make them laugh and spit it out.
Photo By: Eric Trandel | Photo Editor

You Beautiful Black Woman looks to pump up the com­edy jams once again.

Between EU come­di­ans, Ferris the­ater and RSO events, com­edy is one of Ferris’s biggest enter­tain­ment exports. The YBBW Comedy Jam has become an annual standard.

The com­edy jam, hosted by Grand Rapids’ own come­dian Dave Jones, will take place in Williams Auditorium on Saturday, Nov. 16, from 7 — 9 p.m. It is free for stu­dents and open to the pub­lic; how­ever, adult super­vi­sion is advised. (more…)


Soldier Makes Transition

Veterans Association helps veterans adjust to campus life

by Published: Nov 6, 2013

From the United States Navy to Ferris State University, one stu­dent opens up about his expe­ri­ence as a veteran.

Nicholas Galloway was enlisted in the Navy from 2005 until 2011, where he even­tu­ally became a sec­ond class petty offi­cer. A per­son can change a lot in six years — espe­cially when that stint begins with boot camp.

“Boot camp makes you grow up or find some­thing else,” Galloway explained. “I’m not the same per­son as when I left.” (more…)


A Weekend of Irreverence

Ferris theatre to present renowned comedy

by Published: Oct 30, 2013

The end of this last week of October will be one of baudy irrev­er­ence and debauch­ery, full of peo­ple behav­ing badly.

The rea­son: “Spamalot — The Musical” has come to Ferris.

Based on the films of leg­endary com­edy group Monty Python, “Spamalot” is a musi­cal for both avid lovers of and rel­a­tive new­com­ers to musi­cals and sur­re­al­ist, over-the-top com­edy. (more…)


Finding a Future

Struggling to find the right internship is a daunting task

by Published: Oct 30, 2013

As a pub­lic rela­tions junior, I am always search­ing for an intern­ship that will not only ful­fill my grad­u­a­tion require­ments, but also pro­vide with me real world expe­ri­ence before I enter the “real world.”

Ideally, the intern­ship would be at one of my dream com­pa­nies to work for — intern­ing for Saucony or Starbucks, for instance. However, the more I look into my dream intern­ships, the more I real­ize work­ing for a large com­pany out-of-state is a bit unre­al­is­tic. Should I set­tle for some­thing more local? (more…)


Fun Fall Recipes

Ferris students showcase their favorite recipes for the season

by Published: Oct 23, 2013

Fall is here, and who doesn’t want to cel­e­brate with caramel apples and pump­kin fla­vored everything?

These stu­dents found some extra­or­di­nary recipes per­fect for this fall weather. From pump­kin French toast to the apple but­ter heaped on top of it, these recipes deliver a deli­cious way to cel­e­brate the
sea­son. (more…)


Ferris’ Friday Night Live

Comedy act to make fun of events at Ferris and pop culture

by Published: Oct 16, 2013

Saturday Night Live may be going through some changes, but Ferris’ com­edy equiv­a­lent returns as strong as ever.

Improv com­edy event Carlos Hardy, named after the event’s founder, is com­prised of comedic skits mak­ing fun of cur­rent events on cam­pus as well as pop cul­ture. It’s a famil­iar con­ceit, but this will be one of the few times such an event will have its eyes trained on Ferris.

This kind of com­edy is vastly dif­fer­ent from that which Ferris is usu­ally given. Rather than the usual out­side standup, peo­ple who actu­ally know the uni­ver­sity and its stu­dents will work together to pro­vide a comedic expe­ri­ence that is rare at Ferris. (more…)


Foreign Film Series

A chance to view films from all over the world

by Published: Oct 9, 2013

Critically acclaimed for­eign films are being screened in Big Rapids, but they won’t be found at the local theater.

Artworks’ twelfth for­eign film series is under way. The for­eign film series offers an array of films once a month start­ing October 12 and run­ning until April 12 at Big Rapids City Hall. Films air on Saturday nights and come from many coun­tries, includ­ing Italy, Russia, India, Germany and Australia. The films them­selves range from witty come­dies to dra­matic pow­er­houses, and many qual­ify for the descrip­tor “crit­i­cally acclaimed.” (more…)