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Is This Finally Goodbye?

by Published: Apr 24, 2013

A part of my life is soon coming to an end.

It is spring 2013 and time to say goodbye after 19 years of school. That is almost two decades, and 82.6 percent of my life that has been spent in school, which is just crazy. What is my next step? Well, hopefully a job, but as of today, I do not know my future. I do not have a plan.

Come May 11 when I walk the stage in Wink Arena, I will be leaving Ferris; leaving friends; leaving family; leaving my job; leaving my home of five years. It seems I will be leaving a lot behind but taking a lot more with me. (more…)


Money, Money

by Published: Apr 17, 2013

Are we living above our needs?

I know I could easily live without a television or my iPhone. Have I chosen to live without it? No.

So this column is not about lecturing anyone, but to encourage you to honestly think about what you truly need for happiness. (more…)


Signing Off

by Published: Apr 10, 2013

Social media is a large part of our world today. As popular as it may be, there are several drawbacks.

A lot of social network sites are overrated. While I am on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I do not use them on a regular basis. I just never got too involved with updating the world on when I sneeze or go to workout or where I am at every moment of the day.

I want privacy in my life. While I am a very social person and love engaging in conversation, I need time away from the world. I need to be signed off and indulge in a good book or workout without everyone else knowing. It is not healthy to be consumed or obsessed with these networks. (more…)


Please and Thank You

by Published: Apr 3, 2013

Customer service.

My first job was in customer service at a local fast food restaurant. This was not only a great place to start gaining work experience, but also teach me life lessons.

I was able to be on the other side of the counter serving customers as they came and went. As many of you have probably experienced, customer attitudes vary from friendly to down right rude. Dealing with those upset or mean customers was always a challenge I had to overcome. My motto was the customer is always right, and I should make the experience worthwhile. I was representing the fast food chain. The last thing I wanted to do was make the customer unhappy and regret coming. (more…)


Energy Crisis

by Published: Mar 20, 2013

It may be from education or just a passion I have to be sustainable, but I am worried about where our nation is heading in regards to energy.

Over break I traveled to Tennessee and along the way, I saw the roller coaster of gas prices. The prices did not deter people from traveling though. This is an energy source most of us use on a daily basis, and it is polluting our air. Technology is improving and more vehicles are going electric or improving their miles per gallon.

During my travels I also saw fields upon fields filled with wind turbines. I was so excited to see that more and more wind turbines are being installed. I know some think these are more of a negative impact than positive, but why not use the wind? Wind is free, after all, and will always be here. (more…)


Impactful Experience

by Published: Mar 6, 2013

I could not imagine what life would be like without the educators I’ve had in my life. Most of these people were my teachers in school.

One particular teacher who stands out was my music teacher, who always believed in me.

I was in the fifth grade and tried out for a solo for our spring performance. Now, let’s set something straight. I love to sing, but I do not sing the best. I do not consider myself a singer; I am the one who thinks I sound good singing in the shower and alone in my car, but that is it. (more…)


Proud to Be Mini

by Published: Feb 27, 2013

Don’t be deceived by a name or a size. No matter the size, anyone or anything can have big potential.

This goes for the Mini Countryman that successfully landed a backflip. Now, it may have been a smaller engine and very little clearance in the original, stock model. But like most things, it takes time and a monetary investment to make changes to a vehicle that will increase the performance.

The Countryman took some work to soup up the engine, lift the car and add some good suspension. I understand not anyone can just attempt to make changes to cars. You have to have experience in order to correctly alter a vehicle. (more…)


Rumor Has It

by Published: Feb 20, 2013

Gossip engulfs our lives, whether it is from our friends or on the front page of the tabloid magazines in line at the grocery store.

We have all heard gossip. We have all told gossip. We have all been a part of gossip, whether we want to be or not.

The problem with gossip is the accuracy. How do you know what your friend told you is really true? What is the source of the information? (more…)


Natural Disaster

by Published: Feb 13, 2013

Crazy. That is what the weather has been lately.

It seems like every time I blink Mother Nature is striking again. Each time it seems to be worse.

We can all remember Hurricane Katrina leaving behind a mess in her destructive path. And this past fall, Hurricane Sandy swept the East Coast. After almost eight years, New Orleans is still struggling and only a few months later the East Coast cities are still trying to get back on their feet. (more…)


Retraction: Torch Remains Committed to Values

by Published: Feb 6, 2013

An opinions column was published in the Jan. 30 edition of The Ferris State Torch about pro-life speaker Rebecca Kiessling, headlined “Shaming the Survivors.” The article accused Ms. Kiessling of saying that rapists do not deserve to be punished. This is false; she does not believe this and never said it. Instead Ms. Kiessling said that the children conceived in rape do not deserve to be punished.

On behalf of The Torch, we would like to apologize to Ms. Kiessling and the Ferris State community. Publishing false statements is unethical and is not up to the standard of The Ferris State Torch.

There was clearly a breakdown in our editing system prior to publishing the column in the Opinions section. Our values of truth and fairness were not upheld with this column being published with false statements. The column has been removed permanently online. (more…)