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Cleaning Up: Ferris student employees work to clean off sidewalks and salt them after a snowstorm. Photos By: Eric Trandel | Photographer

Heavy Snows, No “Snow Day”

Snowy days are no day off at Ferris

by Published: Mar 6, 2013

Cleaning Up: Ferris stu­dent employ­ees work to clean off side­walks and salt them after a snow­storm. Photos By: Eric Trandel | Photographer

Recent win­ter storms have incon­ve­nienced the Ferris State University com­muter demo­graphic and chal­lenged the cam­pus snow removal team.

Over 6,000 Ferris stu­dents are com­muters. There are also many fac­ulty, staff and admin­is­tra­tion mem­bers who com­mute from sur­round­ing areas like Grand Rapids, Cadillac and Reed City.

Ferris polit­i­cal sci­ence pro­fes­sor Christine Bailey is a case in point. She trav­els from Flint to Big Rapids and back twice per week. (more…)


Silence Is Consent

Participation is essential for student and teacher growth

by Published: Feb 27, 2013

I have been a stu­dent for a long time, with sta­tuses rang­ing from part-time, full-time, time off and overtime.

Many pro­fes­sors have stood before me, and I have stood before many pro­fes­sors. Some of them were good, some bad and a small minor­ity were absolutely bril­liant. Throughout this process of enlight­en­ment, one fac­tor has always held true—my com­plic­ity in the outcome.

As stu­dents, our level of par­tic­i­pa­tion in lec­tures, our out­side research, stay­ing after class to dis­cuss con­cerns and the pres­sure we exert upon edu­ca­tors in quest of mas­tery and under­stand­ing of class mate­r­ial is what helps make the bad ones good and the good ones great. (more…)


U.S. Postal Service Restructuring Mail Delivery

Students not worried about USPS cutting back on delivery change

by Published: Feb 20, 2013

Ferris stu­dents shouldn’t lose too much sleep over the U.S. Postal Service’s switch to a five-day mail deliv­ery sched­ule to take place on Aug. 5, 2013.

Letters, mag­a­zines and some small parcels will no longer be deliv­ered to addresses on Saturdays. Packages and pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tion deliv­ery will not be affected, accord­ing to the Postal Service’s web page.

Research con­ducted by the Postal Service and inde­pen­dent news out­lets has indi­cated seven out of 10 Americans sup­port the plan. (more…)


Germs Everywhere

Tis the season...flu season

by Published: Feb 6, 2013

Breathing, eat­ing, for­ni­cat­ing and dying. On every sur­face humans touch resides a vast metrop­o­lis of ancient microbes nar­rowly evolved to effi­ciently prey on our flesh.

There is no bet­ter exam­ple of this than at the gym. Scattered through­out the Ferris State University Student Recreation Center and fit­ness facil­i­ties across the nation are seem­ingly innocu­ous plas­tic spray bot­tles filled with an unknown liq­uid solu­tion. To germs, these spray bot­tles may as well be Apache attack heli­copters equipped with hell­fire missiles.

“We are in the busi­ness of sweat,” Ferris Recreation Center Director Cindy Horn said. (more…)