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Keep Your Standards Up

Big Rapids isn’t that big on the big scale

by Published: Oct 17, 2012

Three years ago, I came to Big Rapids immediately after spending 13 months in Chicago.

I definitely appreciate the ability to leave my car wherever I want for as long as I want, that would be about $400 in towing and tickets in the windy city, as well as how cheap the parking tickets are. $15? Are you kidding? It can be up to $80 for a meter violation in Chicago! I am very bored with this place, and you should be too.

That first semester years ago, I was surprised to learn a number of my classmates had never even been out of the state before. That alarmed me, but I know I can chalk it up to luck. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel across the Atlantic several times. I’ve also been able to see much of our own country. (more…)