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Students gather on the bitter cold night of Jan 27 in the Williams Auditorium to audition for the spring performance of Ajax in Iraq. This story deals with very serious subjects, including the current war in Iraq and today’s soldiers, especially the women in the military. The final performances will be April 3-6.

Photo By: Eric Trandel | Photo Editor

Auditions For “Ajax in Iraq”

by Published: Jan 29, 2014

Students gather on the bit­ter cold night of Jan 27 in the Williams Auditorium to audi­tion for the spring per­for­mance of Ajax in Iraq. This story deals with very seri­ous sub­jects, includ­ing the cur­rent war in Iraq and today’s sol­diers, espe­cially the women in the mil­i­tary. The final per­for­mances will be April 3–6.
Photo By: Eric Trandel | Photo Editor

Offense vs. Defense: Members of the offensive and defensive line practice different plays weeks before the start of the season. The Ferris State Bulldogs went 7-4 in last year’s football season. Photo By: Tori Thomas | Photographer

Football Preseason Camp

by Published: Aug 20, 2013

It’s the mid­dle of the after­noon on Top Taggart Field, where the Ferris Bulldog’s prac­tice in the hot sun for the upcom­ing season.

The sta­dium fills with the sound of coaches yelling, keep­ing their play­ers on their toes through out each drill. (more…)