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A one and only “unique” vending machine in Colorado

by Published: Apr 23, 2014

Are you the type of per­son who likes to deal with a cashier at the reg­is­ter when you gro­cery shop, or do you look toward the self-checkout lanes to do it yourself?

If you lean toward the lat­ter, then the ZaZZZ vend­ing machine is right up your alley. (more…)


Today’s Tech

Amazon starting to eliminate the chore of grocery shopping

by Published: Apr 9, 2014

Picture your­self in a gro­cery store walk­ing the count­less isles, try­ing to find those few items you know you need but always end up grab­bing a cou­ple extra items. And that’s not even fig­ur­ing in hunger if you make the grave mis­take of shop­ping hun­gry. (more…)


Today’s Tech

Track your drinking tastes with Untappd and Delectable

by Published: Apr 2, 2014

The art of drink­ing tends to grad­u­ally evolve from “what’s the cheap­est way to get drunk quickly?” to “maybe I could actu­ally enjoy what I’m drink­ing.” Once access to alco­hol becomes unin­hib­ited by hur­dles like age and funds, pur­chas­ing drinks can become a bit more complicated.

Two apps have estab­lished their places as must-haves for beer and wine drinkers: Untappd and Delectable, respec­tively. (more…)


Today’s Tech

Twitter now considering showing views per tweet

by Published: Mar 26, 2014

Have you ever set up a Snapchat story and reviewed who saw it? Do you wish you could have access to the same level of data on Twitter? A new Twitter exper­i­ment is explor­ing that possibility.

For cer­tain users of a test pro­gram, a view counter is dis­played under­neath their tweets. What con­sti­tutes a view on Twitter may sim­ply be a scroll-by on another user’s feed, but it would pro­vide some pow­er­ful data for those who want to increase their social prowess. Over time, one could deter­mine which hash­tags or con­tent pro­vides the most traf­fic. (more…)

Hockey vs Minnesota State-23
Hockey vs Alaska Anch-16

Hockey vs Alaska Anchorage Photo Gallery

by Published: Mar 22, 2014

Today’s Tech

by Published: Mar 19, 2014

If you’ve ever been some­one who has fre­quently shopped online, then the con­cept of Amazon Prime should be familiar.

For those who don’t know, Amazon Prime sub­scribers cur­rently pay $79 a year for free two-day ship­ping on any item sold by Amazon or one of numer­ous com­pa­nies that uses Amazon as their dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem. Amazon Prime also allows its users access to the Kindle Lending Library as well as Amazon Video. For those who want to have more shop­ping options than are avail­able in Big Rapids, a ser­vice like this could have some great use. (more…)

030514 Spring Break
Senior guard Sarah DeShone (22) and her teammates rally together against Wayne State, coming out with an 85-77 victory. The women’s basketball team has two games remaining.
Photo By: Tori Thomas | Photographer

The End Is Near

Hoop squad eliminated from playoff contention

by Published: Feb 26, 2014

Senior guard Sarah DeShone (22) and her team­mates rally together against Wayne State, com­ing out with an 85–77 vic­tory. The women’s bas­ket­ball team has two games remain­ing.
Photo By: Tori Thomas | Photographer

Ferris State’s women’s bas­ket­ball team did not have the sea­son they imag­ined they would.

The Bulldogs went 9–11 in the GLIAC con­fer­ence and 9–13 in over­all play with a total of 1544 points through­out their whole sea­son com­pared to their oppo­nents with 1561 points.

“Our sea­son did not go as well as we know we could have done,” senior guard Sarah DeShone said. “I am not happy with it, but I think we still might have a chance to make the tour­na­ment if we win our last two games. So that will be a whole dif­fer­ent ball game because we are start­ing to finally play well together.” (more…)


Today’s Tech

A legitimate challenger to Pandora approaches

by Published: Feb 26, 2014

Music is an impor­tant sub­ject in most of our lives. It gets us through the good times and the bad. And find­ing the right type of music to fit your mood is always an endeavor.

Songza, which has been around for sev­eral years, has recently expe­ri­enced a huge uptake in users, and for a good rea­son. (more…)