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Volunteers collect the materials they will use to clean up the town for the Big Event. The Big Event is an annual tradition uniting campus and community as students clean up yards throughout Big Rapids.

The Big Event

Students volunteer in the Big Rapids community

by Published: Apr 23, 2014

Volunteers col­lect the mate­ri­als they will use to clean up the town for the Big Event. The Big Event is an annual tra­di­tion unit­ing cam­pus and com­mu­nity as stu­dents clean up yards through­out Big Rapids.

Ferris stu­dents came together to give back to the Big Rapids com­mu­nity dur­ing The Big Event on Saturday.

The Big Event is a city­wide, student-led ini­tia­tive to improve Big Rapids by per­form­ing var­i­ous yard work and main­te­nance tasks for res­i­dents. Every year, this day of giv­ing back to the com­mu­nity attracts thou­sands of stu­dents. (more…)


Out of Touch

Governor Snyder needs to start acting his position

by Published: Apr 23, 2014

Just two weeks ago, Governor Rick Snyder vis­ited Ferris’ cam­pus. Didn’t hear about it? You’re not alone.

Snyder, here for a tour of the Swan build­ing, came and left cam­pus almost anony­mously an hour before he was sched­uled to do so. The gov­er­nor is noto­ri­ous for not talk­ing to the press or hav­ing much to say in gen­eral, so I wasn’t par­tic­u­larly offended when he left with­out answer­ing ques­tions. What offended me was his atti­tude while he was here. (more…)


Trust Falling

The ups and downs of conquering your fears

by Published: Apr 9, 2014

This year was a mile­stone in terms of my per­sonal goals.

Throughout high school I was active in the the­ater pro­gram, but only ever work­ing back­stage. Due to a lack of con­fi­dence, I decided never to audi­tion out of fear of rejec­tion, or worse-actually mak­ing it in and hav­ing to go on stage. But, at my core I am noth­ing if not des­per­ate for atten­tion. I was con­vinced to audi­tion for Ferris’ pro­duc­tion of “Ajax in Iraq” and, to my dis­be­lief, actu­ally got a part. (more…)


Drag Ain’t a Drag

Last year’s drag show winner talks about what drag means to him

by Published: Apr 9, 2014

One of the sta­ples of the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance’s spring Pride Week is the drag show, which allows stu­dents to com­pete among pro­fes­sional drag artists.

As the end to the spring Pride Week, DSAGA’s annual drag show is meant to end the week with a cel­e­bra­tion of gay culture.

Tim Mulligan, the win­ner of the “Miss Hot Crimson” award for best drag per­for­mance at last year’s show, said what he liked best about per­form­ing was that it gave him the chance to become another per­son for one night. (more…)


Turn Up the Good

Concert seeks to introduce students to smaller, local acts

by Published: Apr 2, 2014

As music indus­try stu­dents pre­pare for Turn Up the Good, they aren’t feel­ing too much pressure.

“If it’s down to the wire and it feels like crunch time, that’s usu­ally a bad sign,” said Dan Cronk, the coor­di­na­tor for the music indus­try man­age­ment pro­gram. “We don’t have that feel­ing, so I’d say it’s going as well as it should.” (more…)


WISE to the Rescue

Local support system helps people in need

by Published: Mar 26, 2014

If you ever find your­self in harm’s way, there’s a place in Big Rapids where you can find help.

Women’s Information Services, Inc. (WISE) exists to help those who find them­selves fac­ing dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tions related to domes­tic abuse and sex­ual assault.

Ferris alumna and exec­u­tive direc­tor of Women’s Information Services Kelly Samuels prefers to call it by its acronym, “WISE.” (more…)


Know-It-All Syndrome

Why you should fact-check yourself before you wreck yourself

by Published: Mar 19, 2014

To begin her cam­paign for the pres­i­dency of the United States, Minnesota rep­re­sen­ta­tive Michelle Bachmann announced her can­di­dacy in Waterloo, Iowa.

Apparently, Bachmann chose Iowa because it is the “John Wayne state,” sup­pos­edly the home to the famous actor and American icon who Bachmann felt rep­re­sent the “American Spirit.” However, a bit of fact-checking would have told Mrs. Bachmann that Waterloo, Iowa was not the birth­place of John Wayne the actor, but of John Wayne Gacy, an infa­mous ser­ial killer who decid­edly does not show­case the proper “American Spirit.” (more…)


Women in a Man’s World

Women in Technology brings women into male-dominated career field

by Published: Feb 26, 2014

The world of con­struc­tion and engi­neer­ing tech­nol­ogy is seen mostly as a world dom­i­nated by men. Freshman Anastasia Phillips and rest of the women of cam­pus RSO Women in Technology are look­ing to change that.

“Being women in an engi­neer­ing major, we are usu­ally the minor­ity,” said Phillips, a fresh­man study­ing CAD draft­ing and tool design. “It’s nice to know you’re not alone in your field. That’s why I’m in Women in Technology.”

Women in Technology’s long-term goal is to increase female enroll­ment in the College of Engineering Technology by cre­at­ing an atmos­phere that encour­ages female lead­er­ship and par­tic­i­pa­tion in typ­i­cally male-led career fields. (more…)

Dawg Dish Big Rapids Hot Dog

Order Up

by Published: Feb 19, 2014

Imagine the most absurd yet deca­dent hot dog you can. What’s on it? Apples? Bacon? Both? That hot dog is avail­able at The Dog Dish.

The Dog Dish, which opened late in 2013, serves up a slate of uncon­ven­tional hot dogs. The young busi­ness takes hot dogs beyond the usual com­bi­na­tion of ketchup and mus­tard and offers hot dogs topped with potato chips, BBQ sauce, bacon, mac­a­roni and cheese, and roasted slices of Fuji apples.

“I got the ’Johnny Appleseed’ and the ‘Oink and Cheese’,” said foren­sic chem­istry senior Cassie Halt. “The ‘Oink and Cheese’ is my cur­rent favorite. I’m really par­tial to their chili dogs, too.”

Ryan Erb, one of three employ­ees at The Dog Dish said when it comes to all cus­tomers, there is no clear cut crowd favorite. (more…)


Calm After the Storm

by Published: Feb 12, 2014

The recent shoot­ing has, under­stand­ably, left an impres­sion on many Ferris stu­dents who now are left to won­der “is Ferris safe?” and “when will it hap­pen next?” among other ques­tions. So let me be the first to say this: don’t worry about it.

The Venlo shoot­ing was sim­ply this: the result of one fool who treated a deadly weapon like a toy. It was not a planned attack and it should not be assumed any­thing like it will hap­pen in the Big Rapids area again for a long time, far past the time when any­body on cam­pus today will have long since grad­u­ated. (more…)