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Learn to Be Alone

Everyone can benefit from spending some quality time alone

by Published: Oct 30, 2013

Want to know the key to true hap­pi­ness? Learn how to be alone.

It might sound awful to some of us; lone­li­ness is the oppo­site of hap­pi­ness, right? Not always.

As a col­lege stu­dent, you’re prob­a­bly always on the go. Most of us carry heavy credit loads, and some go straight from class to work and then to the library for the rest of the night to cram for tomorrow’s exam. (more…)


Smartphones or Dumbphones?

Distracted students need to step away from their phones

by Published: Sep 25, 2013

As I entered the library last Monday, I couldn’t help but real­ize some­thing that still leaves me trou­bled; the library is no longer for studying.

I walked from the front desk to my study room at around 7 p.m., look­ing around from table to table. It seemed every­one had their books open and notes out, but nobody was really study­ing. (more…)