Run, Johnson, Run Ferris’s Samantha

Johnson ranks fifth at NCAA Nationals and takes All-American

by Published: Dec 4, 2013

Samantha Johnson has been breaking and setting records for the womens’s cross country and track & feild team since joing her freshman year. Her best mile time is 4:55 and this year she took fifth at the NCAA Nationals. Courtesy Photo Provided By: FSU Photo Services

Samantha Johnson has been break­ing and set­ting records for the womens’s cross coun­try and track & feild team since joing her fresh­man year. Her best mile time is 4:55 and this year she took fifth at the NCAA Nationals.
Courtesy Photo Provided By: FSU Photo Services

Setting records left and right since her fresh­man year, senior cross-country run­ner Samantha Johnson is one of the best run­ners Ferris State has ever seen.

The Troy native’s recruit­ment was plain and sim­ple com­pared to other col­lege ath­letes. She already had a ten­ta­tive plan of what she wanted to do after high school.

“My senior year I knew I wanted to go into phar­macy school,” Johnson said. “The other schools I was look­ing at were way too close to home, so Ferris was my main option. My high school coach and other var­sity girls on my team influ­enced me to start think­ing about run­ning in col­lege. My coach con­tacted the Ferris coach and he began recruit­ing me.”

Johnson started out strong as a Bulldog to prove her ded­i­ca­tion to run­ning to her team and coach.

“My fresh­man year I was ninth in the nation for the mile and twelfth in the nation for the 1500 meter,” said Johnson. “My sopho­more year I was tenth in the nation for the 1500 meter.”

Johnson has made it to nation­als every sea­son while run­ning for Ferris and has per­formed extremely well, despite her junior year when she sud­denly got sick.

“My junior year I was third in the region for cross,” Johnson said. “Nationals did not go well due to severe bron­chi­tis, though.”

However, her senior year would be dif­fer­ent. She picked things back up and was able to achieve what every col­le­giate runner’s goal is; to win and become ranked within the nation.

“This past sea­son I have had three wins and was fifth in the nation in cross,” Johnson said. “I cur­rently hold the record for the top female fin­isher at cross coun­try nation­als at fifth place.”

Johnson holds impres­sive per­sonal records she has main­tained as her sea­sons improved at Ferris.

Johnson’s best mile is 4:55, her 1500 meter is 4:27, 3k is 10:03, 5k is 17:13 and 6k is 21:01. This year she took fifth place in the nation in the women’s 6k, which was another Bulldog record bro­ken by Johnson.

Reflecting upon her run­ning career, Johnson is pleased she chose to run at Ferris because of all the opportunities.

“Ferris not only has my pro­gram and is far away from home, but it is the per­fect size,” Johnson said. “I like being on a smaller team because I was look­ing to travel and com­pete, so big­ger is not always better.”

Johnson fin­ished her last sea­son strong and will hold many records she has made as a Bulldog.