Black Friday Looming

Working the dreaded Black Friday retail shift

by Published: Nov 20, 2013

3 a.m. That’s the time I will be head­ing into work after enjoy­ing a lovely Thanksgiving din­ner with my fam­ily. That’s when the mad­ness will begin.

Working at MC Sports, I’m not expect­ing any­thing crazy to hap­pen. Last year went off with­out any fists being thrown, any large fights erupt­ing or peo­ple stam­ped­ing. Being a sport­ing goods store in out­doorsy Big Rapids, though, we were fairly busy.

I’ve never quite under­stood the whole Black Friday idea. Was it really nec­es­sary to ruin a tra­di­tional, fam­ily hol­i­day with a soci­etally man­dated need to run from store to store in a greedy frenzy at all hours of the night?

I know. It’s all about the deals, right? To some, it may be un-American for me to not rejoice in the hol­i­day. I’ve just never been a part of the craze — not until I had to cashier for it last year.

Many peo­ple never went to bed. Some were at their fifth or sixth store already at 5 a.m. and oth­ers spent close to a thou­sand dol­lars in our store alone.

Despite the crowds and rush of peo­ple, I was aston­ished by one char­ac­ter­is­tic in par­tic­u­lar: every­one was nice. Maybe it was the deals they were get­ting or the early Christmas cheer. Whatever the case, of every sin­gle cus­tomer I helped check out, maybe one was rude to me the whole day.

That fact aston­ished me. On an aver­age cashier shift at work, at least one or two peo­ple are bla­tantly rude and self-entitled. So nat­u­rally, I had braced myself for the worst — but I guess I didn’t need to.

This year, I will work from 3 a.m. to 2 p.m. (an hour ear­lier this year). Now despite the fact that I like my sleep and don’t really under­stand the need for the hol­i­day, I can say that at least I’m not dread­ing it this year. Maybe I’ll get to meet some friendly, inter­est­ing individuals.

That, and all of the asso­ciates have an amaz­ing potluck going on in the back. Thank good­ness for Thanksgiving leftovers!