Head Football Coach Suspended

Tony Annese to serve eight-day suspension

by Published: Nov 6, 2013

Ferris foot­ball Head Coach Tony Annese will serve an eight-day sus­pen­sion, effec­tive immediately.

At 7:44 p.m. on Nov. 6, Ferris News Services and Social Media Manager Sandy Gholston released a state­ment on behalf of the uni­ver­sity. Gholston wrote that Annese, who is in his sec­ond sea­son at Ferris, was sus­pended fol­low­ing an inci­dent that occurred inside the locker room dur­ing half­time of the Oct. 26 game at Michigan Tech University.

At the half, the Bulldogs trailed the Huskies 14–10.

Although play­ers declined to go into detail, Ferris junior defen­sive end Carlton Johnson said the inci­dent was part of a tac­tic to pump up the team dur­ing halftime.

“I know what it was and it wasn’t that seri­ous,” Johnson said. “It was just to get us hyped.“

Ferris outscored Michigan Tech 20–6 in the sec­ond half and went on to win the game 30–27.

After learn­ing about the inci­dent, uni­ver­sity offi­cials “con­ducted an imme­di­ate review,” accord­ing to the press release. Details on the inci­dent were not provided.

“As this is a per­son­nel mat­ter, the University will not make addi­tional com­ments regard­ing this inci­dent,” Gholston wrote.

The sus­pen­sion will include the Bulldogs’ game on Nov. 9 at Northwood University. Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach Rob Zeitman will han­dle all head coach­ing duties, accord­ing to the press release.

Annese will be rein­stated on Nov. 14, two days before the Bulldogs take on Northern Michigan at home. It is the final con­test of the reg­u­lar season.

Johnson was dis­ap­pointed with the administration’s deci­sion to sus­pend Annese.

“I think it’s sad that peo­ple that don’t even know the sit­u­a­tion can hand out a sus­pen­sion,” he said. “To tell you the truth, [it] don’t even make sense.”

Ferris is 6–3 over­all on the sea­son and 6–2 in con­fer­ence play. The team has won its last two games.

  • Dana Hardin Cook

    So what was he sus­pended for then?

  • Torch Employee

    All the infor­ma­tion that we have, you have at the present time. We are still cur­rently seek­ing more and will update this piece as appro­pri­ate. Thank you for reading.

  • nol­lan

    Ferris Athletic Department and Adminstration are such whin­ers! Pussy minds that don’t like their ‘chil­dren” to be com­pet­i­tive any­more… No go forth get your degree from FSU and pre­pare to be eaten in the world!

  • Former College Coach

    I Think that some­one will file a FOIA if the press does not. From what I heard sec­ond hand it was really noth­ing com­pared to what divi­sion 1 coaches have done! But Coach does not have the legacy or sup­port that Div I coaches have. Too bad over­re­ac­tion to half time inspirationssssssssssss.

  • Torch Employee

    The Torch Filed a FOIA on Friday, the University has 5 busi­ness days to respond, check our issue tomor­row for new devel­op­ments in this story.