Concert Funding Slashed

Miscommunication results in downsized shows

by Published: Nov 6, 2013

Kris Hitchcock performs at The Gate this past Friday as part of this year’s Autumn aLive. Kris Hitchcock is a country band and one of three different Michigan artists that performed on Friday.  Photo By: Tori Thomas | Photographer

Kris Hitchcock performs at The Gate this past Friday as part of this year’s Autumn aLive. Kris Hitchcock is a country band and one of three different Michigan artists that performed on Friday.
Photo By: Tori Thomas | Photographer

Students who attended Autumn aLive had a dramatically different experience than students in years past.

Due to a miscommunication, funding was cut and Turn Up the Good now faces a similar situation.

Dan Cronk, coordinator of the music industry management program and MIMA adviser, said MIMA began the funding process in March. They initially asked the finance division of student government for $59,095.60 on March 7, according to Ferris senior music industry management major and MIMA booking agent Amanda Trigger. The request was scaled back to $44,248 as reported by the Torch in the April 24 issue. The request was moved to student government and passed by a 12 to 3 vote supporting the allocation.

MIMA treasurer Tyler Hanan missed the treasurers’ meeting required by the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services for all registered student organizations due to a miscommunication. As a result, the money allocated by the finance division to MIMA was rescinded.

“We didn’t meet the obligations we had to meet,” said Hanan, a Ferris junior in music industry management. “It was a fault on our part, not a fault of the finance division.”

In full disclosure, Hanan also serves as editor of the Torch Lifestyles section. The Autumn aLive financial situation was reported on the first page of the Lifestyles section in the Oct. 23 issue of the Torch.

“The RSO handbook states that organizations that attend the Presidents’ Meeting and have updated OrgSync profiles but have failed to attend the Treasurers’ Meeting will be listed as ‘In good standing — non financial,’” Director of the Finance Division Noah Moss said. “This means the organization cannot request Student Activity Funds (SAF) for the remaining semester.”

A similar situation happened within the automotive management student organization on Oct. 22. The group lost funding to attend a tradeshow due to a miscommunication which violated finance division rules for allocation.

The mandatory treasurers’ meetings were available to attend Sept. 5 or Sept. 10. MIMA was informed of the rescinded allocation on Sept. 16, according to Ferris senior music industry management and sports marketing major and MIMA president Sam Wohlfeil.

Turn Up the Good, like Autumn aLive, an annual electronic spring concert, will have to be funded by MIMA as well instead of receiving money from the finance division, according to Hanan.

Originally, Autumn aLive was planning to have five to six bands but ended up with three bands, according to Cronk. Past MIMA concert performers have included Taking Back Sunday, Joe Nichols and We the Kings.

Three local Michigan bands played at Autumn aLive this year; Wilson, Kris Hitchcock and Small Town Son and Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers.

“[The situation] really identified those students, the program and the association that are serious about their lives and career and they’ve gotten busy,” Cronk said. “Sometimes things like this happen.”

Trigger said the venue of “The Gate” was provided for Autumn aLive at no charge. The artists were $1,000 each totally $3,000. The equipment that was used is owned by MIMA. The artists brought all the other equipment.

“Through pre-existing funds, fundraising, sponsorships, ticket sales, and donations, MIMA was able to cover all costs for this event,” Trigger said.

Ferris senior auto engineering technology major Tucker Baillas went to Autumn aLive last Friday.

“I liked The Gate, but if Autumn aLive wants to do a bigger concert rather than a bar show, [they should] try going back to the arena they had last year,” Baillas said.

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    About time the truth is out & straightened out. Every class I went to, there was always a member of MIMA “trash talking” about SG over something that was their fault & simply…a mistake. (I’m not defending for SG either). It was good to read an honest article instead some sugar coated, “hush” story like the Oct. 23rd issue of the Torch about Autumn aLive. Own up to your mistakes & move on. A plus to MIMA Treasurer & Torch for this story.