Powerless and Pissed

Ferris student shares story of her struggle during the west campus electrical outage

by Published: Oct 16, 2013

In a world filled with tech­nol­ogy and resources, it is less likely to run into your aver­age first-world problems.

First world prob­lems are prob­lems peo­ple expe­ri­ence in a wealthy coun­try at which peo­ple of third world coun­tries would prob­a­bly roll their eyes.

For exam­ple, I have never appre­ci­ated hot water more in my entire life.

The day after the power out­age, I didn’t know how long I would be with­out power or hot water. I fig­ured I would just take a shower and hope for the best. I was wrong and couldn’t stop com­par­ing it to an ice bath for the rest of the day.

After my lovely cold shower, the only thing I wanted to do was warm up, and it was then that I real­ized my blow-dryer wouldn’t even be able to work and I would be stuck with cold, wet hair. I was thrilled.

But my prob­lems didn’t just stop there.

I couldn’t charge my lap­top or my phone, and it felt like I was almost cut off com­pletely from the world.

It seemed unfair that the west side of cam­pus were the only ones affected long-term with the power out­age, even though I knew they couldn’t con­trol that.

After power was com­pletely restored, I thought every­thing would go back to nor­mal. Unfortunately, my res­i­dence hall seemed to be the only one to have their WiFi affected, so things were still out of the ordinary.

All of my math home­work is to be com­pleted online, and yes, I did know the other side of cam­pus had power, but I just couldn’t bring myself to walk to FLITE to com­plete home­work that was due by mid­night when I was deal­ing with what I thought was a repeat of the black­out of 2003.

The dorm rooms only come with one Ethernet hook-up, so when my room­mate was catch­ing up on all the amaz­ing shows she missed, I couldn’t catch up on my two math assignments.

To this day, I never did catch up because my teacher wasn’t espe­cially fond of my excuse about not want­ing to walk to the oppo­site side of cam­pus. Thankfully, after a week with no WiFi, it has been restored again.

  • Alodomic

    So…this is pretty much the epic tale of a girl who was too lazy to do her math home­work and had to take a cold shower once? Dang, when you get to the real world you’re gonna be really disappointed.