Donations to Ferris Up Nearly 60 Percent From Last Year

by Published: Sep 25, 2013

Ferris received over $6 mil­lion in cash dona­tions from June 2012 to June 2013, an increase of 57 per­cent from one-year prior.

About 75 per­cent of annual dona­tions are used to fund stu­dent schol­ar­ships and aca­d­e­mic activ­i­ties. Also, dona­tions go toward fund­ing schol­ar­ships for student-athletes. The other 25 per­cent sup­ports funds that ben­e­fit stu­dent schol­ar­ships and fac­ulty pro­pos­als through The Ferris Foundation.

“The uni­ver­sity has worked to expand its base of phil­an­thropic sup­port from alumni, cor­po­rate spon­sors, foun­da­tions and other friends of Ferris State University who share our pas­sion for stu­dent suc­cess,” said Sandy Gholston, Ferris news ser­vice manager.

Annual alumni dona­tions increased by $173,000 this year, which totals to $903,874, a 20 per­cent raise.

Donations don’t always come in the form of cash. Ferris received $1,561,455 in annual in-kind dona­tions. In-kind dona­tions are any dona­tions besides money, such as goods or ser­vices. This has increased 70 per­cent since June 2012.

Volkswagen recently donated a new vehi­cle to the College of Engineering Technology’s School of Automotive and Heavy Equipment. These dona­tions allow stu­dents to stay up-to-date with the lat­est technology.

The uni­ver­sity is not only find­ing an increase in finan­cial back­ing, but they are striv­ing to engage more com­mu­nity mem­bers and alumni, as well, to strengthen sup­port and com­mit­ment to stu­dent achievement.

Since 2009, dona­tions have almost dou­bled from $3.5 mil­lion to $6.6 mil­lion in the 2013 fis­cal year.

“We’re con­tin­u­ing our work to iden­tify the needs of our uni­ver­sity com­mu­nity, with fund­ing for stu­dent schol­ar­ships being one of our top pri­or­i­ties,” Gholston said.

Ferris sopho­more pre-optometry major Luke Neuenfeldt said he didn’t real­ize how impor­tant dona­tions were to the uni­ver­sity. “Many of my labs would prob­a­bly be lack­ing tech­nol­ogy or we’d be using tech­nol­ogy that will be obso­lete once we grad­u­ate,” Neuenfeldt said.

Annual donat­ing is one of the pri­mary way alumni, par­ents, and sup­port­ers can help sus­tain the institution.