Finding the Drive

Ferris student balances school, work and play

by Published: Sep 25, 2013

Mixing Work and Beats: Seth Luplow is a music industry management senior who balances DJing, serving, and coordinating music nights at Applebee’s. Courtesy Photo Provided By Seth Luplow

Mixing Work and Beats: Seth Luplow is a music indus­try man­age­ment senior who bal­ances DJing, serv­ing, and coor­di­nat­ing music nights at Applebee’s.
Courtesy Photo Provided By Seth Luplow

Being a full-time stu­dent, DJ, server and coor­di­na­tor for Applebees’ music nights sounds a bit daunt­ing, but noth­ing Seth Luplow can­not take on.

Luplow is a music indus­try man­age­ment senior at Ferris State. But only recently did he switch over from resort man­age­ment after con­tem­plat­ing the deci­sion since the end of his fresh­man year.

“I thought about it for a long time,” Luplow said.

Despite get­ting his first dig­i­tal audio work­sta­tion at age 17, Luplow did not break onto the DJing scene until his sopho­more year of college.

He was at The Gate when he spot­ted their DJ. Luplow walked right up and said, “Hey, you should let me DJ here.” He started DJing on Wednesday nights and even­tu­ally moved up to more pop­u­lar nights like Thursdays and Quarter Mania.

“I like get­ting good music out to peo­ple,” Luplow said. “I like pro­vid­ing a good time.”

Luplow isn’t solely a local per­former, either. He has played for wed­dings and par­ties in the Lansing and Saginaw areas as well.

One of Luplow’s other main jobs is serv­ing at Applebee’s. On Monday nights, Luplow is exclu­sively in charge of bring­ing in music and enter­tain­ment to the customers.

The music starts around 9 p.m., when the restaurant’s half-off appe­tiz­ers deal starts. Luplow tends to invite many local acoustic artists in all gen­res, most of whom are Ferris stu­dents or alumni. Many of the per­form­ers have also pre­miered at FSU Unplugged, which takes place at Biggby once a month.

Artists can play for up to the whole night or as much time as it takes to com­plete their set. If nec­es­sary, Luplow is always pre­pared to start DJing.

When it comes to his pro­gram, Luplow strives to be as help­ful as pos­si­ble to other stu­dents, since he already knows how to work Ableton Live and other music soft­ware programs.

“I just want to offer as much help as I can,” Luplow said. “I feel like there’s a lot of bad stigma around DJ-ing today, and I want to break that.”

Just recently, Luplow was a DJ for the College of Business Festival. He encour­aged peo­ple to watch and learn as he worked. He is also encour­ag­ing stu­dents to col­lab­o­rate and really get involved in dif­fer­ent projects within the program.

“I’m really try­ing to get the most that I can out of this pro­gram because it will be the one year that I’ll be on cam­pus in this pro­gram,” Luplow said.

When it comes to find­ing the moti­va­tion to remain so busy, Luplow offers a rather sim­ple explanation.

“You finally have a chance to do some­thing you want to do for the rest of your life, and then it’s not hard to find the drive.”