The Case for Off Campus

The greatest two weeks of my life

by Published: Sep 11, 2013

There is no greater build­ing expe­ri­ence of char­ac­ter and cul­ture than liv­ing in a dorm room, blindly choos­ing your roommate.

That being said, you could not pay me enough to do it again. Ever.

I live off cam­pus with a few guys that were in my dorm last year, and it has to be the most relax­ing way to expe­ri­ence college.

I pay an extremely lower rate to live in this house, which is not only up to date, but spa­cious and clean. My bed­room is big­ger than my dorm room last year. My closet is prob­a­bly a fourth the size of a dorm room by itself.

Oh yeah, and I have a secret room in the back of my closet my room­mates have dubbed “Narnia,” which also hap­pens to be big­ger than my dorm.

Not to men­tion the fact, I can now carry on with my own extracur­ric­u­lar activ­i­ties within the friendly con­fines of my dwelling place with­out the worry of an RA walk­ing down the hall.

I can scream at the TV when the Lions are los­ing, the bath­room is always open, and I can always be alone if I need some time away from all of the madness.

It’s true that you’ll meet a lot of your col­lege friends through dorm rooms, but had I not been off cam­pus this year, I wouldn’t have half the fun I do now.

The draw­back of dorm liv­ing is basic. They’re cramped, the bath­rooms are small, the beds are uncom­fort­able and there is rarely any time alone.

The risk of your room­mate wak­ing you up bring­ing back that per­son at the party he’s drunk­enly con­vinced “is the one,” is sig­nif­i­cantly higher in the dorm.

While sit­ting perched in my bed, I hear noth­ing of the rest of the house, other than the occa­sional break­out in song of “Afternoon Delight,” that my room­mates enjoy so much.

Living in the dorms can be com­pared heav­ily to the cup­board under­neath the stairs at the Dursley’s because of the con­stant cramped feel­ing and the stomp­ing on the floor above me.

Yes, “WAKE UP HARRY!” was becom­ing the catch­phrase of my neigh­bors above me.

Cooking my own food with­out a microwave has also changed my lifestyle con­sid­er­ably. My room­mate and I recently did a mas­sive break­fast for din­ner on the stove, and we were able to invite peo­ple over com­fort­ably and have a great night.

If it is at all pos­si­ble for you to move off cam­pus, my advice is choose your room­mates wisely and make sure their eccen­tric­i­ties are things you can han­dle on a daily basis.