Torch Budget Crisis Continues

by Published: Aug 26, 2013

As stu­dents were enjoy­ing the last few days of sum­mer, The Torch staff was hard at work putting together the first issue of the year.

Reporters, edi­tors, pho­tog­ra­phers, adver­tis­ing and pro­duc­tion staff tire­lessly worked to ensure the news­pa­per would be ready for the return of the Ferris com­mu­nity. This first issue is our way of say­ing “Welcome back!” as we, The Torch, and you, its read­ers, embark on yet another year together.

Because you, the read­ers, are as crit­i­cal to the news­pa­per as any staff mem­ber (if not more), it’s impor­tant I update you on The Torch’s con­tin­u­ing bud­get issues. Employee wages and other oper­at­ing costs are still under scrutiny, despite promises that fund­ing was secured.

One solu­tion for these seem­ingly ever-present bud­get issues, pre­sented in a meet­ing Aug. 19 with Dean Rick Kurtz and other College of Arts and Sciences admin­is­tra­tors, was to pro­duce a smaller paper.

Yes, you heard me right. The Torch has been asked to poten­tially sac­ri­fice qual­ity in order to save money.

However, know that The Torch will con­tinue to fight to pro­vide this university’s com­mu­nity with the paper it deserves. Our respon­si­bil­ity is not to board­rooms or bud­gets — our respon­si­bil­ity is to you, the readers.

Unfortunately, Torch funds are con­trolled by indi­vid­u­als who do not seem to under­stand this respon­si­bil­ity and who believe the qual­ity of the news­pa­per may need to take a back­seat to the budget.

  • Joel

    A smaller paper does not nec­es­sar­ily mean sac­ri­fic­ing qual­ity. In my years at Ferris, it seemed to me that the Torch was mostly fluffy filler material–generally of poor qual­ity. I am all in favor of down­siz­ing the paper size if that means the Torch will respond with a cor­re­spond­ing increase in professionalism.

    • Steve Fox

      Joel, good points. More pages does not equal bet­ter news­pa­per. I think some on the staff in recent years would agree.
      The paper was cut to a max­i­mum 16 pages each week in recent years: To be budget-minded.
      Dropping again would become a pretty small paper for a uni­ver­sity the size of Ferris.
      As for the fluffy filler mate­r­ial, the unfor­tu­nate real­ity is that when many of those items are removed the out­cry from stu­dents is the loud­est. It would be great if stu­dents demanded more seri­ous news con­tent — that just hasn’t been the sit­u­a­tion over my five years work­ing as adviser to the staff.

      • Thomas Wilson

        I know one of the hard things I strug­gled with as both a reader and a reporter of the Torch was my and other’s unwill­ing­ness to really prac­tice inves­tiga­tive report­ing to get to the real meat of a story. A cur­rent case in point is the secu­rity breach FSU had. This is a huge oppor­tu­nity for the torch to press uni­ver­sity offi­cials for the infor­ma­tion the pub­lic demands.