The Real SocialFest2013

A guide to the Ferris pages you’ll actually look at

by Published: Aug 26, 2013

The Ferris State Social Media Team is work­ing to pro­mote the var­i­ous offi­cial pages affil­i­ated with the uni­ver­sity, but there are many more “unof­fi­cial” pages that have cap­tured more atten­tion from the stu­dent body.

Several Facebook pages gained large num­bers of fol­low­ers last spring semester.

The one that took off to more than 4,100 likes was FSU Confessions, a col­lec­tion of anony­mous sub­mis­sions that either res­onate to the Ferris stu­dent body or just to sim­ply col­lege stu­dents. Although posts may be from an anony­mous source, the com­ments, which can be equally bru­tal to read, are much more iden­ti­fi­able. If you want to read more about this, look up my pre­vi­ous arti­cle called “Confess More.”

Another page that gained a lot of atten­tion was Ferris Crushes, where anony­mous sub­mis­sions of attrac­tion are shared with a large audi­ence. The “creep” fac­tor def­i­nitely can be seen in a notice­able frac­tion of the posts. This can be done with likes, com­ments or even directly link­ing to the Facebook pro­file to the rel­e­vant per­son, facil­i­tat­ing any fur­ther online photo stalk­ing by every­one else.

A related page to Crushes would be Ferris Singles, which serves as basi­cally Craigslist per­son­als for our cam­pus. That’s all I think I really need to say.

The “orig­i­nal” Ferris page that still has the largest fol­low­ing is Ferris Memes. Although its post­ings have trick­led down to a rar­ity, a look back through its pre­vi­ous posts will def­i­nitely be rel­e­vant and applic­a­ble even for our cam­pus today.

Onto the Twittersphere, there is really only one page that has cap­tured a decent fol­low­ing: @FerrisProbz. The page is made up of a col­lec­tion of tweets and retweets about the strug­gles that our stu­dent body deals with from day to day. It also includes pho­tos of the ridicu­lous sights seen on cam­pus and around the town of Big Rapids.

Several other Twitter pages serve the sole pur­pose of pro­mot­ing loca­tions of par­ties. Now, if you are in the major­ity of stu­dents who remain under the legal drink­ing age, I would greatly rec­om­mend you try not to get trashed and head to those loca­tions. The pro­mo­tion of a party online is basi­cally an invi­ta­tion for a police pres­ence along with minor in pos­ses­sion tick­ets given out like they’re candy.

So before you go along with the uni­ver­sity and tweet with the hash­tag of #FerrisStrong (you know, like #BostonStrong, to show the strength of a city to per­se­vere after a ter­ror­ist attack, which we are totally at that level), be sure to check out the pages other stu­dents will def­i­nitely be utilizing.