Rate My Professor

Bad professor or lazy student?

by Published: Jun 29, 2013

Rate My Professor is a gem for the afflu­ent Internet folk.

Throughout its tenure as a web page, it has allowed stu­dents to give hon­est and some­times bru­tal feed­back about the teach­ers at a par­tic­u­lar school. No doubt, many of the read­ers have either par­tic­i­pated or at least checked on the rat­ings of one or more pro­fes­sors. With 1.7 mil­lion rated pro­fes­sors and 938 from Ferris State, the over­all site is very thor­ough in its completeness.

However, with great rat­ings come great prob­lems. It has been my hon­est and gen­uine expe­ri­ence that the higher the pro­fes­sor is rated, the lazier the stu­dents are.

If you’ll please observe, this is a brief sam­pling taken from teach­ers I am either famil­iar with or have per­son­ally had. If you do choose to use the Rate My Professor web page, make sure the reviews seem coher­ent, with cor­rect gram­mar and punc­tu­a­tion and aren’t a rant against the teacher. More often than not, it’s the stu­dents who are bad, not the teachers.

Critical think­ing skills have gone out the win­dow, and any­thing harder than a mul­ti­ple choice test is con­sid­ered “work.” This is col­lege, chil­dren, not the car­ni­val. It’s not rigged in your favor and you’re going to have to carry your own balls from booth to booth.

Your deci­sions are yours and belong to no one else. Make the best of your edu­ca­tion and don’t waste your brain and your money tak­ing classes you know you can pass with­out even think­ing. That men­tal­ity won’t help you, nor will it get you far in life.

Take some advice from some­one who will have three degrees in four years and who has had to turn down six job offers and intern­ships due to con­flicts of other jobs and intern­ships: Employers don’t care about your GPA, only that you passed and that you know what you’re doing.

Don’t sweat a less than 4.0 grade point aver­age in place of exer­cis­ing your brain and get­ting your money’s worth out of the institution.