Illinois Duo

Childhood friends share love of sport at Ferris

by Published: Apr 24, 2013

042413_Softball2_BrockSeniors Morgan Kramerich and Dana Bowler have grown up together and are now shar­ing the spot­light for a suc­cess­ful Ferris soft­ball team.

Hailing from Lockport High School, Ill., Kramerich and Bowler’s rela­tion­ship goes back 13 years to a third grade cheer­lead­ing try­out where both would end up mak­ing the squad.

“She was my flyer and I was her base,” Bowler said. “There was a lot of trav­el­ing to games and com­pe­ti­tions in cheer­lead­ing, and that’s when we became good friends.”

Two years later, they made the same soft­ball team, then expe­ri­enced high school together before even­tu­ally attend­ing the same col­lege in Ferris State University.

“I like the cam­pus and really enjoy the atmos­phere [at Ferris],” Kramerich said. “Dana does make it eas­ier being so far from home, like any friend would. When I’m miss­ing my fam­ily, I know she is going through the same things that I am.”

Their rela­tion­ship is as strong as their play, and Bowler and Kramerich are hav­ing two great sea­sons that are vital to Ferris’ success.

Bowler sports a 13–6 record, with a sparkling earned run aver­age of 1.45, while Kramerich has 27 runs on the sea­son and an impres­sive .348 on base percentage.

The Illinois duo has had a major impact on the Bulldogs’ impres­sive 20–12 record, and the senior lead­ers are still focus­ing on fin­ish­ing the year strong.

“We need to focus on hit­ting on a con­sis­tent basis, and the sea­son hasn’t been the best for prac­tic­ing since we have only had two out­door prac­tices this far,” Kramerich said. “The goal is to win every game for the rest of the year, mean­ing sweep­ing Northwood, Findlay and Hillsdale, then win­ning the GLIAC Tournament.”

While play­ing dif­fer­ent posi­tions, the famil­iar­ity on the dia­mond makes com­mu­ni­ca­tion a bonus for the Bulldogs.

“As I pitcher I’m in the mid­dle of the field, and it’s easy to com­mu­ni­cate back and forth with my team,” Bowler said. “Morgan is an amaz­ing ath­lete that has great speed but even bet­ter instincts, and I’ve never played with some­one so good of a base run­ner. When she’s sup­posed to be at sec­ond, she’s already at third!”

Kramerich has already notched eight stolen bases through­out this sea­son, while not hit­ting into a sin­gle dou­ble play.

Bowler and Kramerich along with the rest of the Bulldogs have three series remain­ing in the 2013 sea­son before head­ing off to the GLIAC Tournament.

They’ll now be focus­ing on being ranked in the top eight in the region for an NCAA Tournament berth.

Ferris has one more road series before return­ing to Big Rapids on April 26–27 to fin­ish out the 2013 reg­u­lar season.