Career Pirate

Finding a job after graduation

by Published: Apr 17, 2013

Let’s think back to the begin­ning of the semester.

Play back the mem­o­ries you had either as an incom­ing fresh­man or out­go­ing senior. A very dif­fer­ent mind­set now exists for both of these classes of peo­ple. Game on! If you are a senior and grad­u­at­ing, this is the most excit­ing time of your life. You could care less about the prob­lems around you and only that win­ning a diploma is finally in sight.

Can you believe your col­lege career is almost over? Read between the lines—that means you now have to enter the real world. This quandary of job search­ing for many is a stren­u­ous task, only exac­er­bated by the dreaded unpaid intern­ship. Comment on the lack of pay to a poten­tial employer and you might as well fill out your wel­fare paper­work now.

Found a job that actu­ally pays a decent liv­ing wage? It would be nearly a mir­a­cle, as many enter­ing the work­force are tak­ing reduced salaries or wages sim­ply to have a job. Below aver­age wages and start­ing pay are just the begin­ning of the prob­lems we’ll face enter­ing the work­force as newly-grads.

Say you do find a job. Not a great job, and not nec­es­sar­ily the job that you want, but a bona-fide J-O-B nonethe­less. What are you going to do if it pays peanuts to your expe­ri­ence and edu­ca­tion? Turn it down? You’ve got to pay back those stu­dent loans as soon as six months after you grad­u­ate, and gen­er­at­ing a viable income and pay­ing back the money you owe is going to take up as much as 25 per­cent of your start­ing income.

Found employ­ment is about as valu­able as found trea­sure. Just be aware that in order to get a job, it is typ­i­cally eas­ier to have a job when you’re look­ing. That burger-flipping technician’s job might not be as appeal­ing as the senior analyst’s, but you’ll never gain expe­ri­ence if you don’t put your­self out there.

You’ve got a long road ahead of you, grad­u­ates, and the road to suc­cess isn’t easy.

Found trea­sure, found jobs and found per­ma­nent and sat­is­fy­ing employ­ment options are all going to be akin to sail­ing the seas as a pirate and loot­ing the mar­ket for all of its booty.

It won’t be easy being a career pirate, but at least you’ll have the sat­is­fac­tion of being able to wear a tri­corn hat and pull it off.

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