Turn Up the Guise!

Don’t forget to hide your face this Thursday

by Published: Apr 1, 2013

IMG_20130401_113852_505This Wednesday the Torch will be running an advertisement for the Turn up the Good concert on April 4th. If you’re too embarrassed to go to the concert, make sure you wear the mask provided to you on the back of the Torch newspaper!

Simply cut yourself some eye holes and go without shame knowing that no one will recognize you. Don’t know who the bands are? Don’t worry about it; we’ve got you covered, literally. Holding up the mask ensures that no one will question why you are at the concert, only that you want to turn up the good and not be bothered doing it.

Wear your guise and get weird with Turn up The Good, this Thursday, April 4th.

The arti­cle above was writ­ten for April Fool’s Day. The con­tent is not real, only writ­ten for a good laugh. We hope you enjoyed reading.