Turn Up the Guise!

Don’t forget to hide your face this Thursday

by Published: Apr 1, 2013

IMG_20130401_113852_505This Wednesday the Torch will be run­ning an adver­tise­ment for the Turn up the Good con­cert on April 4th. If you’re too embar­rassed to go to the con­cert, make sure you wear the mask pro­vided to you on the back of the Torch newspaper!

Simply cut your­self some eye holes and go with­out shame know­ing that no one will rec­og­nize you. Don’t know who the bands are? Don’t worry about it; we’ve got you cov­ered, lit­er­ally. Holding up the mask ensures that no one will ques­tion why you are at the con­cert, only that you want to turn up the good and not be both­ered doing it.

Wear your guise and get weird with Turn up The Good, this Thursday, April 4th.

The arti­cle above was writ­ten for April Fool’s Day. The con­tent is not real, only writ­ten for a good laugh. We hope you enjoyed reading.