Impactful Experience

by Published: Mar 6, 2013

I could not imag­ine what life would be like with­out the edu­ca­tors I’ve had in my life. Most of these peo­ple were my teach­ers in school.

One par­tic­u­lar teacher who stands out was my music teacher, who always believed in me.

I was in the fifth grade and tried out for a solo for our spring per­for­mance. Now, let’s set some­thing straight. I love to sing, but I do not sing the best. I do not con­sider myself a singer; I am the one who thinks I sound good singing in the shower and alone in my car, but that is it.

Fifth grade was well over 12 years ago, but to this day I know that the day my teacher believed in me was the day my life changed.

I audi­tioned for this solo, which was thrilling and nerve rack­ing. I would have to be taught the words and, most impor­tantly, how to have a good pitch. Nonetheless, I would have to per­form in front of peo­ple. I was shy back then in front of crowds.

This solo was the start of many great things that hap­pened in my life. I already had a love for music, but this made my heart grow fonder. I moved on to mid­dle school and par­tic­i­pated in band for the next seven years. I was able to par­tic­i­pate in com­pe­ti­tions as a soloist, an ensem­ble and reach high achieve­ments I never thought possible.

I was sec­tion leader for two years and fin­ished high school as one of two drum majors. I became a band nerd and was very proud to be one. I had a pas­sion, and instead of being afraid in front of com­plete strangers, I became extremely com­fort­able.

I still have a love for music and think that the one solo way back when has helped shaped who I am today. If I had never taken the step to audi­tion, would I have ever been involved in band and impacted by the expe­ri­ence of music?

Looking back, I know things hap­pen for a rea­son. I took that step which opened up doors years down the road, never really know­ing that would be possible.

Don’t be afraid to take that big step in life; you never know what is at the top.