Spring Break at Anywhere but Ferris

Students hit the road for some eagerly awaited time away

by Published: Mar 6, 2013

Mid-march draws nigh, bring­ing midterms and, more excit­ingly, spring break. Ferris stu­dents proved to have a wide array of plans rang­ing in des­ti­na­tion from the homi­ness of Big Rapids to the dis­tant beaches of other coun­tries. A few of them shared their plans with The Torch.

“I’m going with my music group Daily Basis. We’re going to hit up dif­fer­ent spots where we know fam­ily and friends and find­ing spots to DJ in Ohio, Carolinas, Illinois, Indiana.”
Jonathan Horning
Senior, music indus­try management

“I am going to Daytona Beach, Fla. to visit my fam­ily down there while check­ing out Bike Week and soak­ing up some sun. I’m not a big win­ter per­son, so I am count­ing down the days until I can spend a whole week on the beach.”
Jessica Parrish
Sophomore, sec­ondary edu­ca­tion history

“I’m going on a cruise to Mexico. It’s going to be sunny.”
Joe Ostrander
Senior, music indus­try management

“I’m going to Panama City; look­ing to party.”
Austin St. Louis
Sophomore, busi­ness administration

“A group of friends and I are rent­ing a cabin at the Wilderness Water Park Resort at Wisconsin Dells.”
Becky Bernard
Sophomore, music indus­try management

“I’m going ski­ing in Aspen, Colo.!”
April Neilson
Junior, music indus­try management