Ferris Trolls

New Ferris show pranks students

by Published: Feb 20, 2013

A few seniors in the tele­vi­sion and dig­i­tal media pro­duc­tion pro­gram are out to get students.

As of Sunday, YouTube video “Ferris Trolls: The Sneeze” had almost 3,000 views. Anyone who fre­quented the Interdisciplinary Resource Center on the day of film­ing likely saw the cam­eras set up, though it’s pos­si­ble they thought they were sim­ply for Ferris in Focus’ “Question of the Day,” and didn’t see Ferris music indus­try man­age­ment senior Zach Rokosz spray bottle-sneezing var­i­ous people.

The video is the first episode in a series that will run until the end of the year. The project orig­i­nated with Ferris seniors in tele­vi­sion and dig­i­tal media pro­duc­tion Sam Sanders and Brandon Owczarzak, who then pro­posed it to their TV Production 499 class for the class to pro­duce this semes­ter. The class hopped on the idea, and now a new video pro­duced by dif­fer­ent stu­dents will be released every week for the rest of the semester.

A lot of thought and work goes into these short videos. An idea must be pitched to the class (Owczarzak’s sneeze idea was ini­tially a tough sell) before being sent to host Rokosz, who then works with that week’s pro­ducer to film the video.

They have to con­sider the con­se­quences and safety of the pranker as well, while still mak­ing sure, as Sanders said, the prank is “as sim­ple and funny as possible.”

Don’t expect to be able to see when it’s com­ing, though. The Ferris Trolls have antic­i­pated the videos’ view­ers’ sus­pi­cion and have planned for it. A rotat­ing cast of par­tic­i­pants and other decep­tions will be used to keep peo­ple guess­ing. Students can keep an eye out for a sneez­ing Rokosz, but that won’t do them any good.

On this, Owczarzak said, “Zach will always be host,” but they’re going to “down­play his role.”

What started as the fun-idea-turned-real-achievement of Sanders and Owczarzak will be evolv­ing. Though they will con­tinue to act as super­vi­sors of sorts for the project, the videos will be in the hands of new pro­duc­ers each week as TV Production 499 stu­dents take turns run­ning scene.

As for what the prankers are get­ting out of this, Owczarzak said, “I just really enjoy see­ing people’s reac­tions when we’re prank­ing them.”

Ferris Trolls will con­tinue to have their fun until the end of the semes­ter, but after that, they say it’s up to next year’s class to con­tinue the fun. Until then, though, the Trolls can be found on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as they have their fun at the expense of Ferris peo­ple —both on cam­pus and off.

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