Student Found in Snow Bank

Male Ferris student found passed out on Division Street

by Published: Feb 15, 2013

Update Feb 15 5:20p.m.: Big Rapids Department of Public Safety were called at 7:48a.m. this morn­ing to respond to an indi­vid­ual in a snow bank. The sub­ject was deter­mined to be 18-year-old Ferris fresh­men Graphic Design stu­dent Nicholas Suttles. The first respon­ders found him to be extremely hypother­mic and had an irreg­u­lar heart beat. It is believed he was there since 3a.m. with­out a coat on.

Initial treat­ment took place at Mecosta County Medical Center where Suttles was sta­bi­lized. He was then sent via Aero Med to Grand Rapids for fur­ther treat­ment. Suttles remains in crit­i­cal condition.

Alcohol is con­sid­ered to be a fac­tor and a res­i­dence is under inves­ti­ga­tion for the gath­er­ing. Initial inves­ti­ga­tion has found Suttles brought alco­hol to the party him­self and con­sumed a large quan­tity. Charges are expected to be filed related to this inci­dence for the indi­vid­u­als who allowed the under-aged Suttles to con­sume alco­hol under the Nuisance Party Ordinance.

Update Feb 15 3:10p.m.: He is cur­rently listed as in crit­i­cal con­di­tion at a Grand Rapids hos­pi­tal. More updates will soon follow.

Feb 15 11:11a.m.: On Friday, Feb. 15 at approx­i­mately 7:45 a.m., a white 18-year-old male Ferris stu­dent was found passed out in a snow bank on Division Street between the West Michigan Credit Union and the Big Rapids Carrier Annex.

Torch Sports Editor and senior biotech­nol­ogy major, Tyler Shelton, encoun­tered the scene on his way to his 8 a.m. class.

According to Shelton, the vic­tim, clothed in a t-shirt, jeans and shoes, was par­tially buried in the snow.
“His foot­steps in the snow were obvi­ously stag­gered as though he’d been drunk,” Shelton said.

Three male stu­dents, also on their way to class, found the vic­tim first and called the police. EMS was the first to respond fol­lowed by Big Rapids’ Department of Public Safety officers.

“The body was motion­less,” Shelton said. “He was not breath­ing and was unre­spon­sive. He was dis­col­ored. His body was frozen and that’s why it appeared he was dead. When EMS arrived, they deter­mined that he had no pulse.”

Shelton later spoke with Big Rapids Police Officer Erik Little and was informed that the vic­tim was at Mecosta County Medical Center where he is “barely alive.” Doctors were able to resus­ci­tate the vic­tim, but he has yet to speak. According to 9&10 News, the stu­dent is being flown to Grand Rapids.