“Race Is a Four-Letter Word”

Teja Arborleda speaks to students about the history and consequences of race

by Published: Jan 22, 2013

2012-11-24 05.26.54Teja Arborleda came to speak to Ferris students on Wednesday evening about race, culture and ethnicity in in honor of the 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations.
Arboleda, described as a multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural individual, is a keynote speaker who is also a professor, author, television and new media producer, actor and illustrator, showed a slideshow to students at Williams about the history of race and issues with racial stereotyping.

Arboleda interacted with the audience, asking questions such as, “What is culture? Give me an example.” Aborleda explained the differences between culture, ethnicity, race and nationality.

“Race is a four-letter word,” Arboleda said to the audience. “Know something about it– know something about your own history and be proud of it – not because you know it, but because you want to know it.”

Arboleda said racism exists because we believe in the concept of racial categories.

He closed his presentation with this statement: “Let’s all think about being human beings.”