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Torch Top 5 February 15, 2012

by Published: Feb 14, 2012

The infa­mous Ferris Meme Page hit Facebook like a fire in a gaso­line refin­ery this past week. With over 3,000 likes from fac­ulty, alumni and stu­dents, it’s quickly becom­ing more pop­u­lar that Shooters on a Thursday night.

face​book​.com/​F​e​r​r​i​s​S​t​a​t​e​M​e​mes (more…)


Meme Madness

New FSU Meme page goes viral overnight

by Published: Feb 13, 2012

On Monday, February 6, Matt (who’s last name was asked to be kept anony­mous) launched the Ferris State Memes page. After shar­ing a few of the ini­tial memes, things got rolling, and fast.

With more than 1000 likes and 300 sub­mis­sions overnight, Matt had struck inter­net gold, get­ting the idea from other recent uni­ver­sity meme pages. The page now has over 3,000 likes. One big dif­fer­ence that have stu­dents report­ing mixed feel­ings is the page mod­er­a­tion. While for other schools, upload is pub­lic, Ferris keeps the wall closed to fil­ter out any inap­pro­pri­ate, or—quite frankly—not funny con­tent, as Matt and another mod­er­a­tor receive sub­mis­sions and review them for post­ing. (more…)


Now #1 FSU Hockey vs Notre Dame Photo Gallery

by Published: Feb 12, 2012

After defeat­ing Notre Dame at South Bend 3–0, the FSU hockey team returned to Big Rapids to con­tinue their streak of not los­ing a game in 2012. To a sold out crowd at the Ewigleben Ice Arena, the Bulldogs got two quick goals by Nate Milam and Chad Billins. Notre Dame was forced to pull their goalie after let­ting two goals in on three shots. (more…)


It’d Be Nice to Have a Crystal Ball

Many of us battle with what the future will bring

by Published: Feb 10, 2012

If you’re any­thing like me, you’re prob­a­bly freak­ing out about your future every sec­ond of every day.

I mean, it’s not like I enjoy wor­ry­ing all the time. It just hap­pens. I am con­stantly hav­ing thoughts like what am I going to do when I grad­u­ate? Am I going to get a job? What hap­pens if I don’t get the intern­ship I need? (more…)


Changin’ Times

We could all stand to replace the complaints with our own attitude adjustment

by Published: Feb 9, 2012

If there is one thing school, fam­ily, life and love have taught me, it’s this: You can’t change any­one but yourself.

Time and time again, I’ve caught myself in a frus­trated self-dialogue or vent­ing to a friend some­thing along the lines of “why can’t she just…” or “why is he so…” Well, you fill in the blank. (more…)


Fast Food Generation

Fast-food additives pose a health risk to our generation

by Published: Feb 9, 2012

According to an arti­cle by Food Safety News, McDonald’s recently announced it would no longer use ammo­nium hydrox­ide beef in its ham­burg­ers. Referred to as a “pink slime” addi­tive, the ammo­ni­ated beef was pop­u­larly used in school lunches and pet foods.

Taco Bell and Burger King report­edly have also agreed to no longer use the beef trim­mings treated with ammo­nia and water. (more…)


Dinner for Two

by Published: Feb 9, 2012

Make this Valentine’s Day extra spe­cial (and cost-effective) by prepar­ing a deli­cious meal at home with your sweetheart.

If you’re any­thing like me, the kitchen is a pretty for­eign room where you go to fill up your water fil­ter. My idea of seri­ous cook­ing is adding ham­burger meat to my mac­a­roni and cheese. (more…)


Conversations on Kwame

Detroit Free Press reporter speaks on journalism for Festival of the Arts

by Published: Feb 9, 2012

Pulitzer Prize-winning jour­nal­ist M.L. Elrick gave two sep­a­rate pre­sen­ta­tions on his role in uncov­er­ing for­mer Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s text mes­sage scan­dal, watch­dog jour­nal­ism and the future of news to FSU stu­dents and faculty.

“The rea­son why I like inves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ism is because I believe you are enti­tled to the truth,” Elrick said. “We believe there are two sides to every story.” (more…)


Getting It Done in Geneva

by Published: Feb 9, 2012

The men’s and women’s track teams returned from a two week break and found them­selves in Geneva, Ohio, for the Division II team chal­lenge hosted by the University of Findlay.

The Bulldog women once again had an impres­sive out­ing. In the 21 team com­pe­ti­tion, FSU com­peted well enough to earn a fourth-place fin­ish. The Bulldogs were led by senior All-American Tina Muir, who came in first in the 3,000 meter run. (more…)

Acts of Kindness: Marty Osterholzer, cashier at the Rock Cafe, is the recipent of support from Ferris staff, students and community members. Money was raised to purchase a scooter that was given to Osterholzer. Photo By: Kate Dupon | Photo Editor

From the Heart

Community member and students buy scooter for FSU faculty member

by Published: Feb 8, 2012

Acts of Kindness: Marty Osterholzer, cashier at the Rock Cafe, is the recipent of sup­port from Ferris staff, stu­dents and com­mu­nity mem­bers. Money was raised to pur­chase a scooter that was given to Osterholzer. Photo By: Kate Dupon | Photo Editor

“You know, what can you say? It’s one of the nicest things any­one can do for you,” Marty Osterholzer, cashier at the Rock, said–his voice filled with sincerity.

Osterholzer made this com­ment refer­ring to a large num­ber of peo­ple who par­tic­i­pated in a kind act of sup­port for the dis­abled man. (more…)