Long List

by Published: Dec 5, 2012

It is crunch time. The last week before exams is here, and every­one is run­ning around cram­ming to fin­ish projects and try­ing to study.

The most impor­tant thing on everyone’s mind is to fin­ish the last week so we all can go home for a month—a month of relax­ation, for that is what we all need.

I think every­one deserves the chance to relax. The last cou­ple weeks have been very hec­tic at The Torch. All of you prob­a­bly have heard about our finan­cial sit­u­a­tion, but on Friday, Nov. 30, we got news that we will stay the school newspaper.

This was a great relief, and now it is time to prove why we deserved the fund­ing. But before I jump into that, I need a men­tal break. On top of The Torch, I am a full-time stu­dent, and that is my main focus.

We have all worked hard to fin­ish up the semes­ter, and we need some fam­ily and friends time. It is great to see every­one over the break. Some may go home to work so they can earn some extra cash. We all know col­lege isn’t cheap between the booze and books.

While some may try to relax, we all know there is so much that could be done dur­ing break. I know per­son­ally the first week always con­sists of run­ning around fin­ish­ing up Christmas presents. I never have time between study­ing and com­plet­ing projects to even start my list.

This takes up a good week, and then starts all the house clean­ing and other mis­cel­la­neous tasks. My month is gone before I know it. I try to plan out my month, but I always seem to fail to com­plete every­thing on my list.

This year I have decided against mak­ing the long list. Why not just enjoy my time off instead of try­ing to be super woman and get every­thing done? We all deserve a break—after all, is that not what “break” is for?

Kick up your feet and enjoy the snow (if we actu­ally get any that accu­mu­lates). Make sure you get out­side, hit the slopes or even build a fort. Embrace your child­hood days of hav­ing noth­ing to do but play when hol­i­day break came around.

Forget the long list and take the time to de-stress and enjoy the com­pany sur­round­ing you.