The Excitement of Opening Day

Ferris students look forward to start of hunting season

by Published: Nov 14, 2012

Hunting has to be one of the old­est activ­i­ties in which mankind has par­taken. For mil­lions of years man has relied upon this tra­di­tion for sur­vival pur­pose and it con­tin­ues to thrive to this very day. Michigan is cer­tainly no stranger to hunters and many stu­dents here are very excited to get back out into the wilder­ness and hunt once more.

Students should, of course, make sure to stay safe while hunt­ing. Hunters are advised to remem­ber the “Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety” and wear their orange. There were 12 hunt­ing acci­dents in 2011, 5 of which were fatal.

While weapons are not per­mit­ted on cam­pus, stu­dents are allowed to reg­is­ter and store them with the Department of Public Safety dur­ing hunt­ing sea­son however.

“When you see a really good sized deer with a really big rack, you just get a huge adren­a­line rush,” Jack Vonderwerth said, a Freshman in Automotive Engineering Technology who has been hunt­ing for over five years. “I love to eat the veni­son too. My mom makes really good veni­son jerky.”

Many hunters have their pref­er­ences for var­i­ous weapons that they will use for the hunt. “Occasionally I’ll hunt with a bow,” Vonderwerth says, “but gen­er­ally I hunt with my Remington bolt action 30–06. The best deer I ever shot was an 8-point back dur­ing a youth hunt, it was a good-looking deer too; I’ve shot a lot of ugly deer.”

Vonderwerth expressed his dis­ap­point­ment that he would have to wait till the week­end after open­ing day to go out hunt­ing. “I wish they had open­ing day set on a Saturday instead of just the 15th,” Vonderwerth says. “I nor­mally would go out on morn­ing and night to hunt in my home­town. But I’ll be in class this year because that’s a lit­tle more important.”

With open­ing day almost here cer­tainly many stu­dents will be going off to hunt, some wait­ing for the week­end and oth­ers not. It’s a great time to hunt respon­si­bly, keep­ing in mind hunt­ing safety and seek­ing out some good deer.