President Eisler “Not Certain”

Eisler to be interviewed in early April for new position

by Published: Mar 28, 2012

Recently, Ferris State University President David Eisler announced he will be inter­view­ing for a pres­i­dency posi­tion at Northern Kentucky University, but there is no cer­tainty yet if he will get the position.

There was an arti­cle on the Torch web­site last week regard­ing Eisler’s announce­ment. The Torch spoke with President Eisler to learn his thoughts on inter­view­ing for a posi­tion at another university.

Eisler said he will be inter­view­ing on NKU’s cam­pus April 2 and 3. In an arti­cle on MLive, he said he has con­sid­ered the posi­tion because he has a daugh­ter who lives in Kentucky and that he likes Northern Kentucky’s empha­sis on com­mu­nity engagement.

“The way this hap­pened for me is I didn’t apply, I was nom­i­nated,” Eisler said. He was referred to the posi­tion and Northern Kentucky University’s search com­mit­tee con­tacted him. He went to Cincinnati for an inter­view March 10. He will be meet­ing with com­mu­nity lead­ers, admin­is­tra­tors and students.

FSU senior Jake White said he would not be sur­prised if Eisler chose to leave Ferris.

“A school is a busi­ness just like any other busi­ness,” White said.

Eisler said he is very com­mit­ted to the work he does here at FSU and there is still uncer­tainty in the sit­u­a­tion. He said he doesn’t know much about NKU and they also don’t know much about him at this point.

“It’s always flat­ter­ing know­ing there are peo­ple who are inter­ested in you,” Eisler said in regard to being nom­i­nated for the position.

Eisler said it’s a great oppor­tu­nity to be at Ferris because of the pub­lic engage­ment between the cam­pus and the community.

FSU junior William Walker said the poten­tial of Eisler leav­ing Ferris will have a strong impact on the university.

“Eisler knows how things work here,” Walker said. “He lis­tens to the students.”

When Eisler inter­views for the posi­tion, he hopes to learn more about NKU’s cam­pus and its atmos­phere. He has stressed there is no guar­an­tee if NKU is a good fit for him.

Some of Eisler’s accom­plish­ments at FSU include the cre­ation of the new phar­macy cen­ter in Grand Rapids and a project to restore the for­mer vacant fed­eral build­ing for FSU’s Kendall College of Art & Design.

“There’s a very good pos­si­bil­ity they’ll give it to some­one else,” Eisler said. He said he and his wife, Patsy, have received many phone calls and mes­sages of sup­port from the cam­pus and community.

Eisler has been involved in higher edu­ca­tion for 37 years. He became the pres­i­dent of FSU in 2003. n