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Apple’s new iPad release angers those who just purchased an iPad 2

by Published: Mar 22, 2012

The new iPad HD is now avail­able in stores. But with the announce­ment and release of a new prod­uct, the inevitable byprod­uct is an out­dated model. Those con­sumers who bought the iPad 2 head to the social media sites to express their dis­may and frus­tra­tion against Apple for com­ing out with a new ver­sion of their new possession.

A col­lec­tion of tweets have been col­lected from var­i­ous Twitter users who vocal­ized their frus­tra­tion with Apple for releas­ing an updated prod­uct for the same price as their old prod­uct. A higher res­o­lu­tion screen, 4G inter­net access, an updated cam­era and bet­ter bat­tery life all make the iPad HD supe­rior to its predecessor.

Feelings of sad­ness and pity are few and far between from the tech com­mu­nity. Apple’s release sched­ule fol­lows very closely to a yearly sched­ule for the iPad prod­uct line. Also, rumors have been cir­cu­lat­ing online for the new release. Although they do remain rumors, the infor­ma­tion age that we live in should include prop­erly research­ing prod­ucts that you are about to spend sev­eral hun­dred dol­lars on. n