Torch Music Review February 29, 2012

by Published: Mar 1, 2012

Lor & The Intrigue: Mainline This!

Muskegon band Lor & The Intrigue take the sound of ‘80s hair metal and bring it to 2012. Solid mixes on all songs and espe­cially detailed gui­tar work make this band stick out as an all-star rock n’ roll leg­end in the mak­ing. The lyrics lack a lot of depth, but instead the musi­cian­ship is focused on mak­ing the songs per­fect and tight-knit lit­tle balls of awe­some­ness. Lor & The Intrigue is the quin­tes­sen­tial mean­ing of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. I was instantly trans­ported back to an age of rock when things weren’t about mak­ing sense, they were about hav­ing fun, rock­ing out and enjoy­ing the music.

Fans of Crocus or Dokken will like Lor & The Intrigue. They’re a great band that’s fun to lis­ten to while you’re par­ty­ing hard or while you’re just try­ing to get your­self mov­ing on a Monday morn­ing. I highly rec­om­mend giv­ing these guys a lis­ten. Their sound appeals to both hard-core fans for metal, and those who just lis­ten to AC/DC to look cool.

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