It’s All in the Family

Artist of the Month Brandon Knap follows in his mother’s footsteps

by Published: Mar 1, 2012

Artist of the Month: Student Artist of the Month Brandon Knap is a Ferris sopho­more in the graphic design pro­gram and has a knack for draw­ing. Photo By: Grace Seymor | A&E Writer


According to Brandon Knap, Student Artist of the Month, this is the aspect of art that is hard­est for him to master.

Knap, FSU sopho­more in graphic design, has been draw­ing and doo­dling for as long as he can remem­ber. Now he strives to match his nat­ural tal­ent with perseverance.

“I’ve had so many times where I think it’s not going to turn out, and then you stick through and you see it start to come together,” Knap said.

Knap can’t really put his fin­ger on the instant he knew art was his pas­sion because he just always had a nat­ural incli­na­tion to art.

“I’ve always been kind of known as the kid that draws,” Knap said. “I draw in class to kill time. I guess I got it from my mom a lit­tle bit.”

Knap has been sur­rounded with art from a young age, as his mother is a pro­fes­sional artist and mural­ist. One child­hood mem­ory Knap has is of his mother paint­ing him sweat­shirts. Watching his mother paint as a child was influ­en­tial in the devel­op­ment of his own cre­ative process.

“A lot of times she would paint on can­vas in our liv­ing room. I would be sit­ting there play­ing with toys or watch­ing TV, but would always see her paint­ings from start to end. We would go some­place and she’d point at the wall and say, ‘Hey, that’s some­thing I painted.’”

Knap was orig­i­nally study­ing elec­tri­cal engi­neer­ing at Muskegon Community College, but didn’t feel it was the right fit.

“I wasn’t lik­ing where that was going, so when I was up here, I decided to jump straight into graphic design and go for it,” Knap said.

Instead of sketch­ing just for fun, Knap has taken his skills and used them to turn a profit. He draws custom-made pieces of art­work for cus­tomers. Once, Knap was draw­ing a poster for a friend to give to her boyfriend for Christmas. Knap did not know the boyfriend per­son­ally, but at a con­cert Knap attended with some friends, the boyfriend was a lead singer for one of the bands.

“I couldn’t say any­thing because it was a sur­prise present. I was shak­ing his hand think­ing, ‘I have your Christmas present in my basement.’”

His dream job would be in inter­ac­tive design, such as design­ing web­sites, as it would be a good mix­ture of hands-on art and graphic design.

“I’d like to get more into illus­tra­tive things, pretty much any kind of job that could incor­po­rate the hands on stuff into the com­puter knowl­edge and some­how mix it all together,” Knap said.

The most impor­tant thing Knap has learned is to trust him­self through his cre­ative process.

“I’ve learned to trust my design instinct and be con­fi­dent in what I design,” Knap said. “You know you’ve learned a set of skills; you just have to use them.”