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by Published: Feb 1, 2012

The Banana Convention– “Leap”

Saginaw Michigan brought us this fun-loving band for a Saturday night stint at a local bar. With an inter­est­ing name and biog­ra­phy, The Banana Convention crew will not let you down with fun songs filled with a punk atti­tude. Working in har­mony, The Banana Convention gives you some­thing to look for­ward to in your player. They sound a lot like No Doubt, with the excep­tion that their lead female vocal­ist actu­ally has tal­ent. I would com­pare their vocal­ist to Fiona Apple, but their music is much faster paced, and fits nicely into a punk-ska or rock genre. The lyrics range from polit­i­cal and soci­etal innu­en­dos to roman­tic intrigue. There are many themes The Banana Convention runs under, and their adver­tise­ment claimed the eccen­tric “Circus Rock,” but I heard no such thing on the CD that I would feel to be circus-like in the least. This album is def­i­nitely worth pick­ing up and lis­ten­ing to, as it’s fun and light-hearted, though the lyrics may not be so fluffy as a ska-sounding gui­tar riff.

4 out of 5 Torches

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