The Bigger Picture

Student displays a year of her life in single piece of artwork

by Published: Feb 1, 2012

Art Show Winner: FSU junior Lauren Pinner, above, was the Judge’s Choice win­ner in the Honors Art Show. Her art­work was cre­ated from 365 pho­tographs, one doc­u­ment­ing each day of the year in her life. Photo By: Brock Copus | Multimedia Editor

They say a pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words; put 365 pic­tures together and you’ve got quite a story to tell.

Lauren Pinner, FSU junior in graphic design, com­peted for the sec­ond time in the Honors Art Show held Jan. 25 at Rankin Art Gallery. This year, Pinner won the cov­eted Judge’s Choice Award, cho­sen by Dr. William Culpepper, an assis­tant pro­fes­sor in FSU’s graphic design program.

Pinner’s art­work told a year’s worth of sto­ries in a sin­gle piece of art. Starting on her twen­ti­eth birth­day, she took a photo every day for 365 days and wanted to doc­u­ment them in some way.

Her piece con­sisted of all 365 pho­tos attached to a piece of ply­wood and nails con­nect­ing strings to all of the pic­tures. The cen­ter of her board spelled out “365” with all of the strings from the photos.

Honors Art Show: Students and fac­ulty gath­ered to view dozens of art­works cre­ated by FSU hon­ors stu­dents. Photo By: Brock Copus | Multimedia Editor

“This piece expresses the jour­ney I took in tak­ing all the pic­tures,” Pinner said. “All of the lit­tle expe­ri­ences con­nect into one giant work. They are inter­wo­ven life events.”

Some of the pho­tos on her board include ones she took dur­ing a mis­sion trip to Juarez, Mexico with His House Christian Fellowship to build houses. Others include a fam­ily trip to Colorado.

Once all the pic­tures were taken, it took Pinner a few full days of work­ing on the piece to com­plete it.

Being a graphic design major, Pinner keeps busy dur­ing the school year with projects for classes. She also enjoys pho­tog­ra­phy and water­color painting.

“Art is a way to express what’s going on inside of us,” Pinner said. “It is a cre­ative release—a way to deal with life events and express expe­ri­ences. I wanted to con­vey my expe­ri­ences to other peo­ple who haven’t been able to do all the things I’ve done and try to involve them in my art so they can ‘expe­ri­ence’ it too.”

Pinner believes the main goal of art in gen­eral is to get other peo­ple to feel and expe­ri­ence what the artist feels.

Crowd Favorite: FSU sopho­more Matt Agnone won Crowd Favorite in the Honors Art Show. Agnone’s paint­ing was one of dozens of art­works on dis­play in the Rankin Art Gallery. Photo By: Brock Copus | Multimedia Editor

Culpepper described Pinner’s piece as hav­ing the abil­ity to con­nect view­ers to dif­fer­ent places and por­tray the sym­bol­ism of where she’s traveled.

“Her indi­vid­ual mem­o­ries con­nected to mak­ing some­thing big­ger,” Culpepper said.

When Culpepper announced the win­ner, Pinner felt excited yet surprised.

“There were a lot of really good pieces,” Pinner said. “I felt hon­ored that I was cho­sen and sat­is­fied know­ing that I made some­thing that was good and that other peo­ple saw that. It feels good to have that pos­i­tive affirmation.”

Pinner took home a prize of $100 dol­lars in gift cer­tifi­cates to var­i­ous Big Rapids busi­nesses and a plaque.

“I was impressed with all the pieces,” Pinner said. “I enjoyed see­ing other stu­dents doing art and wit­ness­ing how it can unify people.”