Students caught falsifying work hours

by Published: Jan 11, 2012

 Fraud Equals Fired: FSU students have been caught falsifying their work hours, resulting in termination from their campus jobs.  Notice: The above photo does not reflect the actions of students in the article, it is a staged photo for publishing purposes only. Photo Illustration by: Kate Dupon | Photo Editor

Fraud Equals Fired: FSU stu­dents have been caught fal­si­fy­ing their work hours, result­ing in ter­mi­na­tion from their cam­pus jobs. Notice: The above photo does not reflect the actions of stu­dents in the arti­cle, it is a staged photo for pub­lish­ing pur­poses only. Photo Illustration by: Kate Dupon | Photo Editor

Students are pay­ing record high tuition in order to be able to attend college.

However, it seems some of this tuition money may not be going to the best of use. It was dis­cov­ered some FSU stu­dent employ­ees have been fal­si­fy­ing their hour logs in Kronos in order to earn money for hours they did not work.

Manager of Student Employment John Randle reports that half a dozen stu­dents were caught in a sin­gle pay period log­ging hours they had not worked, some of them defraud­ing the uni­ver­sity for up to $700. The stu­dents were all promptly ter­mi­nated, this being a recent out­break of a prob­lem that has been going on across cam­pus for some time now.

The recent out­break is only one in a long series of stu­dents falsely report­ing their hours.

“It’s cycli­cal,” Randle said. “You’ll have an inci­dent and it will get caught and you won’t have another prob­lem for a cou­ple of years. It seems easy to get away with this in Kronos, but stu­dents don’t real­ize there are things built into the sys­tem to detect this sort of behavior.”

He added that stu­dent employ­ment was work­ing with com­puter peo­ple to help detect more false hours but couldn’t release the finer details.

Randle is hope­ful that this coop­er­a­tion will be proac­tive in catch­ing stu­dents who think they can get away with steal­ing money from the uni­ver­sity and pre­vent this behav­ior in the future.

The falsely logged hours can’t be tied to any par­tic­u­lar depart­ment on cam­pus. However, it is com­mon to see the inci­dents linked with the guilty stu­dents shar­ing some sort of rela­tion­ship with one another as cowork­ers, room­mates or friends.

FSU phar­macy stu­dent Stephanie Davis said it seems inevitable stu­dent work­ers would be pun­ished for fal­si­fy­ing Kronos hours.

“It’s dumb. You’re going to get caught sooner or later. It’s being dis­hon­est and it’s caus­ing prob­lems for stu­dents who are being hon­est with their hours,” Davis said.

Randle empha­sizes the excel­lence that Ferris State University has seen in its stu­dent employ­ees and stresses these actions should not be seen as typ­i­cal of stu­dent employ­ees here at Ferris.

Randle said, “Ask any one of our super­vi­sors and they’ll tell you we have some of the best stu­dent employ­ees we could ever ask for.”

“Overall there have been very few prob­lems with our stu­dent employ­ees; this is just a very small group and their behav­ior will not be tol­er­ated here at Ferris,” Randle said.