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Consecutive Wins Hits Double Digits

Bulldogs amidst longest winning streak since 2004-05

by Published: Feb 12, 2011

The Ferris State men’s basketball team improved its winning streak to 10 games with an 83–67 victory over the Ashland Eagles on Saturday.

The Bulldogs’ 10-game winning streak marks the longest such streak since they recorded 11 consecutive victories during the 2004-05 season. (more…)


For the People

by Published: Feb 9, 2011

Sunshine Week refers to the importance of open government and freedom of information to a successful democracy.

Sunshine Week 2011 is March 13–19 and seeks to involve the public in finding out what the government is doing and why. (more…)


Sensual Symbols

Where did long held Valentine’s Day icons come from?

by Published: Feb 9, 2011

Valentine’s Day has a long history and many different customs and traditions that have evolved since the marking of this romantic day.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Valentine’s Day without talking about Cupid. The little angel that has been known for causing a romance or two is said to be the son of the goddess of love Venus, according to Roman mythology. Venus supposedly sent Cupid out to shoot people with arrows since he was blessed with the ability to make them fall in love. (more…)

2011 Protests: In 2011, students use social networking sites as a form of protest. Students post their feelings through updating statuses and making groups and events. Photo By: Kate Dupon | Photo Editor

Generation Why

FSU students debate a new form of protest

by Published: Feb 9, 2011


Gaining Offense: Chris Boden, offensive coordinator for Ferris football, speaks about finding new talent at a press conference. The team will gain six receivers for the 2011 season. Photo Courtesy by Ferris State Athletics

Looking to the Future

Bulldogs announce 2011 recruiting class with playmakers abound

by Published: Feb 9, 2011

Gaining Offense: Chris Boden, offensive coordinator for Ferris football, speaks about finding new talent at a press conference. The team will gain six receivers for the 2011 season. Photo Courtesy by Ferris State Athletics

After rebounding from a forgettable 1–10 season in 2009 to finishing one game below .500 in 2010, the Bulldogs look to continue the upward trend in 2011 with 28 new recruits joining the program.

Ferris announced its recruiting class for this year on Friday after the winter storm on Wednesday delayed the announcement originally scheduled for Feb. 2. This year’s class hails mostly from Michigan, with 22 recruits from the Great Lakes state. The Bulldogs nabbed five recruits from Illinois and one from California as well. (more…)


How To: Find a Job After Graduation

Tips on how to impress a future employer

by Published: Feb 9, 2011

Searching for a job after graduation can seem like a daunting task, but learning the proper skills can increase your chances of landing the spot.

The words used in an interview can make or break the possibility of hearing “You’re hired.” The popular job-search website Monster​.com offers some interviewing tips to convince the company you’re the right candidate. (more…)


Is This a Date?

by Published: Feb 9, 2011

When someone asks you to hang out via electronics, is it considered a date?

I’m talking about the world of social media and fancy gadgets with instant messaging, texting, Facebook and other ways of avoiding face-to-face conversation. (more…)


Cupid’s Chokehold

Don’t let money keep you from making Valentine’s Day special

by Published: Feb 9, 2011

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s easy to take on the “Do I really have to do something?” mentality, especially if you’ve been seeing someone for a while.

As much as it can seem like just another hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day can be a great way to remind that special someone in your life that you love them, and remind you to make everyday special with that person. As penny-pinching college students, try these gift and date ideas to save some money while flattering your honey. (more…)

Paul Davis, Ticket Manager

Bulldog for Life

Former ticket manager Paul Davis leaves

by Published: Feb 9, 2011

One of Ferris State Athletics most dedicated supporters has recently passed away.

Paul Davis, Ticket Manager

Paul Davis, the Bulldogs’ former ticket manager, passed on Jan. 17 at the age of 63. Davis spent 34 years working the ticket booth and witnessing Ferris State athletic history. (more…)


Conquering Snowpocalypse

Online media jumps ahead to the rescue

by Published: Feb 9, 2011

As “Snowpocalypse 2011” hit last week Wednesday, it left thousands across the country snowed in and unable to continue with their daily lives.

The big storm left many schools cancelled, thousands unable to drive to work, and cities all across the Midwest under a blanket of fresh powder. In Big Rapids, Ferris State University cancelled classes and many students took the day to catch up with friends, schoolwork, and sleep. (more…)