Cartoon 09.14.11

Published: Sep 14, 2011

  • Weareskint

    Frats were always dis­pro­por­tion­ately pop­u­lar at Ferris, I think mainly because of how shitty the town was/is. It’s the only viable social inter­ac­tion. When I was there, the school had a few pledge deaths in a short span, and the school hosted a dis­cus­sion panel for/against the ongo­ing use­ful­ness of the greek sys­tem. The orga­nizer was a pro­fes­sor of mine, and he knew that I was on the debate team, as I am an enor­mous scream­ing nerd. He was hav­ing trou­ble drum­ming up par­tic­i­pants for the “against” side of the panel, so he asked me to par­tic­i­pate. I spent the after­noon pok­ing around on lexis, came up with a few choice tid­bits, and went to the panel. It was held in Rankin (if I remem­ber the name cor­rectly), and the place was packed, PACKED, with what appeared to be every frat/sorority mem­ber on cam­pus. It was a poorly run, live action ver­sion of that shit­show of a com­ments thread. As I had a mic, and loved to mix it up with fools, I pre­sented my argu­ments clearly and cogently, only to be informed that “It wasn’t fair for me to be on the panel, because you’re trained in how to argue. It’s not fair.” It devolved from there. Death threats were received. I actu­ally enjoyed writ­ing for the paper. I got to do an opin­ions col­umn, and han­dled the inter­views for vis­it­ing speak­ers. I got to inter­view Brent Staples from the NYT (at the time), as well as Malcom X’s brother. The sec­ond time I received death threats involved my arti­cle on hunt­ing sea­son, in which the phrase “Vietnam with antlers” was used. 
    Fucking red­necks. Went to a real school for grad­u­ate school. As an aside, to those point­ing to Supreme Court Justices, etc. as proof of the mer­its of the greek sys­tem. Stop and con­sider the fact that not one of those folks was a Ferris grad. A far more cogent argu­ment would be to point out the impor­tance of these sys­tems at Ivy league insti­tu­tions, not some shitty suit­case school in an over­whelm­ingly dis­ap­point­ing mid­west city. 90% of Supreme Court Justices were men, but you don’t hear me going on about how that means women suck. 

    tl;dr You’re dumb. Quit whin­ing, and enjoy your time as over­grown col­lar popped gup­pies in a small pond. Torch, thanks for being one of sev­eral bright spot in an oth­er­wise lack­lus­ter under­grad experience. 

  • Pike Bro

    Ive been in a fra­ter­nity for 5 years. SUPER SENIOR!!! This comic pisses me off man. I mean, for real. Its like this “guy” john v. is so upset about not get­ting any pussy. Put on some let­ters and man up.

    Come by the PIKE house with your car­toon.….. BROS FOR LIFE.…. PIKE ALL THE WAY!! We got your backs sisters. 


    • LOL

      I like how your main argu­ment for the Pikes was Bros who get pussy! You’re a real gem!

  • Qewrt

    fun fact: the pic­ture on the front…the girl is a pros­ti­tute in that movie very classy 

  • GoGreek!

    To those who say Greek has bet­ter gpa and gives more money to alumni :

    I’m a Greek too. Yea its offen­sive blah blah blah. But don’t act like you haven’t seen a fel­low Greek sis­ter pass out. Stop being in denial. Most of us party. Big whoop.

    The rea­son why us Greeks can say we have higher gpa than non Greeks is because hon­estly, look­ing around, us Greeks don’t aim for the big majors like the non Greeks do. So it’s not really some­thing to be boast­ing about. Plus, when our grades drop, we get kicked out. So of course Greeks are going to have a higher gpa. But doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily make us the best.

    Yes Greek gives a lot to alumni. Only because we have to.

    Greek does a lot on cam­pus and gives a lot of vol­un­teer hours. Only because we have to.

    So, I don’t get why Greeks have their panties up in a bunch. I’m a Greek and I laughed my ass off look­ing at it. Have some humor you lames. Stop being in denial about stuff with a stick up your ass just because some­thing has humor and a bit of truth to it.

  • Fulana

    Although peo­ple are upset by this comic I think its impor­tant to note that they do it to them­selves. Alpha Sigma Tau had a shirt two years ago that said you can’t spell wasted with­out AST. If you want to use a slo­gan about class make sure your orga­ni­za­tions have it before being offended.  

  • Aswanson_CAN

    This isn’t the first time I’ve seen some ran­dom bimbo invoke a
    com­pletely irrel­e­vant sta­tis­tic or propo­si­tion to reply to a mes­sage
    that sug­gests the slight­est offen­sive idea to her.

    For exam­ple, when some­one says that men have it harder (refer­ring to
    life in gen­eral), I’ve heard women say “But if a girl is sex­u­ally
    promis­cu­ous, , she’s a slut, if the guy is promis­cu­ous he’s a player!”. This
    propo­si­tion has absolutely noth­ing to do with the adver­si­ties faced by
    either gen­der and is merely a jaunt at at some­one (usu­ally a man) who is
    debunk­ing the cul­ture of self-imagined oppression/victimization of
    women.she’s a slut, if the guy is promis­cu­ous he’s a player!”.
    This propo­si­tion has absolutely noth­ing to do with the adver­si­ties faced
    by either gen­der and is merely a jaunt at at some­one (usu­ally a man)
    who is debunk­ing the cul­ture of self-imagined oppression/victimization
    of women.

    As for the rest of the com­ments? They are sim­ply proof that if you try
    to sat­i­rize what­ever group is con­sid­ered either or “morally supe­rior”,
    you will receive back­lash that is grounded on their appar­ent
    supe­ri­or­ity. Notice how the insin­u­a­tion that greeks lack class causes a
    mas­sive shit­storm where they attempt to prove their supe­ri­or­ity by
    cit­ing sta­tis­tics (whether fab­ri­cated or not) that sup­pos­edly prove that
    greek stu­dents are superior?

    It’s herd men­tal­ity at its finest. “Insult one of us and you insult us
    all”. Even if that one is a car­i­ca­ture drawn inside the box of a comic

  • Anonymous

    This actu­ally looks a bit classier than the aver­age sorostitute.

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