Oasis Close to Home

Enjoy some wilderness outside of the city of Big Rapids

by Published: Jun 30, 2011

Just out­side of Big Rapids is the Manistee National Forest which is home to miles and miles of trails.

Students can travel 20 min­utes out of town to a scenic oasis where they can enjoy Hungerford Lake Recreation Area within the Manistee National Forest. It can serve as a relax­ing spot to get away from the city.

Students can also enjoy a camp­ing trip with friends at Hungerford Lake Camground. Campsites are located next to the lake and have easy access to the boat launch.

Grab some camp­ing gear and take a lit­tle trip out of town. With the camp­grounds so close to Big Rapids, it is easy to take a night away from town.

If fea­si­ble, bring a kayak or canoe and take a trip out on the lake. Have a love for fish­ing? This lake is tucked away from the noise of Big Rapids, mak­ing it per­fect for a peace­ful fish­ing trip.

Don’t for­get to take a dip in the lake to cool you off on a hot sum­mer day.

Various trails sur­round the camp­ground for easy acces­si­bil­ity to miles of land. The trail­head for hik­ing and moun­tain­bik­ing is near the entrance to the lake.

With all these dif­fer­ent trails, it’s easy to go take a hike on the open roads. Exploring the land of Manistee National Forest gets stu­dents out of the town atmos­phere and into the wilder­ness. It’s nice to enjoy some peace and quiet every now and then.

If camp­ing or hik­ing doesn’t sound appeal­ing, grab some friends with trucks or jeeps and go mud­ding. It is always fun to go play in mud pud­dles. Just make sure to bring a tow strap; some­times the mud will suck in vehicles.

After tak­ing the adven­ture in the woods, be sure to stop by the Woodville store just out­side of the for­est to the west. They have hard-scooped ice cream avail­able for those hot sum­mer days.

Just remem­ber to be respect­ful of the land used. There are many fun, free activ­i­ties to enjoy in the for­est. Go have some fun this sum­mer with friends, as a new land in the won­der­ful for­est is avail­able for use. n