Ferris Students Help Japan

Over $200 raised to help disaster victims

by Published: Apr 6, 2011

The Ferris Hospitality Gala Management team orga­nized the event, Cover the Seal in the quad by col­lect­ing loose change from Ferris stu­dents in order to raise money to help those who were dev­as­tated by the March 11 earthquake/tsunami in Japan.

The Hospitality Gala Management team worked together to come up with an idea to help the vic­tims affected by the dis­as­ter. In addi­tion, the Alumni Gold Club par­tic­i­pated in the event as well.

Justin Wensel, a senior in the hos­pi­tal­ity man­age­ment pro­gram, said over $270 was donated to the cause.

“Out of all the peo­ple walk­ing across the quad, I would say we had about half of the stu­dents donate at least a lit­tle bit,” said Wensel.

Wensel also said, “This idea to cover the seal was brought up the week before the Gala and we quickly moved for­ward with it to ensure that it hap­pened. The ini­tial idea was brought up by our advi­sor, Amy Dorey.”

Brianne Staley, a Ferris sopho­more in the hos­pi­tal­ity man­age­ment pro­gram, said she believes stu­dents were very will­ing to donate.

“I was very impressed by the amount we raised,” said Staley.

Staley also said the entire Gala Management Team worked together to brain­storm ways to help out one another and decided the Cover the Seal event was the best idea.

This was their first time doing a Cover the Seal project, and they felt it went rel­a­tively well.

Wensel said, “Thought it would be nice for every sin­gle stu­dent to stop by and donate money; that sim­ply is not fea­si­ble.” Wensel believes a decent amount of stu­dents donated to the cause.

The Hospitality Gala Management team did not have a par­tic­u­lar goal for an amount of money; they were try­ing to get stu­dents to donate as much as pos­si­ble, even if it was just a small amount of money to help the victims.

The event was held March 21. The dona­tions went to the American Red Cross dis­as­ter relief fund — the com­plete total raised was $278.

“We just felt that it was a hor­rific event and that we needed to do our part to help out,” said Staley. n