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When Politics Ignores Science

by Published: Dec 2, 2009

America is sorely under-informed when they are voting on issues that are related to the scientific community

For too long now, scientific illiteracy has negatively influenced the political process, which in turn negatively affects the lives of Americans.

We are seeing this most recently with climate change bills struggling in Washington, and have seen it many times in the debates over evolution and creationism in public school science classes. At the heart of these issues, there is empirical evidence that weighs in much heavier on one side. When citizens aren’t aware of the science, their voting against scientifically based bills impedes on the progress of America as a worldwide leader.

Thomas Friedman had an excellent article in the New York Times on Nov. 17. In it, he deftly tore apart the arguments of the “drill-baby-drill” proponents. The central point was this: If you don’t believe in global warming, fine, but opposing the research for alternative energy and only wanting to drill for more oil will only support interests of those who we don’t want it to. (more…)


Artists Seek New Audiences Around Holiday Season

by Published: Dec 2, 2009

Releasing albums with a mix of old and new songs, performers look to change their style for the holidays

When “Sleigh Bells” starts playing, Nick Maddox feels a little more in the holiday spirit.

Maddox, a junior in the mechanical engineering program, performed the piece in high school and has loved it ever since. Some artists are looking to put their own mark on holiday favorites as they perform new versions of old songs and flood the market place.

Bob Dylan released a Christmas album titled, “Christmas in the Heart” and has pledged proceeds from the album to the Feed America charity.

Both the Jackson Five’s album, “Ultimate Christmas Collection” and Ray Charles’ “The Spirit of Christmas” have been reissued, remastered and made available in time for the season. (more…)


Rube Goldberg Team Preps for Contest

by Published: Dec 2, 2009

The victorious team is hopeful to again win the national title

Today Show: Mike Dunakin, electrical engineering technology major, sets up Ferris’ winning Rube Goldberg 2006 contest entry on the Today Show. The team is gearing up for another win this year with the new creation they’re working on that will dispense hand sanitizer into a hand. Photo Courtesy of Matt Tomaszewski

The Ferris State Rube Goldberg team will be gearing up for 2010 with hopes of again winning the national title.

A Rube Goldberg is defined as a comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation, according to Webster’s New World Dictionary.

Ferris’ Rube Goldberg team took the national title three years ago with a mechanism that squeezed orange juice into a pitcher with a record tally of 315 steps. The previous record consisted of 242 steps.

The Rube Goldberg contest is named after the Pulitzer Prize winning artist Rube Goldberg whose “inventions” satirized new technologies.

The contest gained national recognition in 1988 when students at Purdue University became interested in the idea of the challenge-oriented project. In 1992, the first contest appeared when Beyond 2000 came to Purdue to film the event.

Team member and last year’s captain, Mike Dunakin, electrical engineering technology major, said the team is working for a comic artist. He said, “We’re doing a task that is complex and we are to make it as simple as possible.” (more…)

Take a Shot: Senior Blair Riley (#25) shoots for a goal during Friday’s game against Ohio State. Riley earned his second career hat trick, scoring his first goal about five minutes into the game. Ferris came out victorious with a score of 8-1 on Friday and 6-5 in overtime on Saturday, bringing their record for home games to 8-0-0. Photo By: Kate Dupon | Photographer

Bulldogs Ranked 17th Nationally

by Published: Dec 2, 2009

Ferris is 8–0 at home this season and hosts 18th-ranked Nebraska-Omaha this weekend

Take a Shot: Senior Blair Riley (#25) shoots for a goal during Friday’s game against Ohio State. Riley earned his second career hat trick, scoring his first goal about five minutes into the game. Ferris came out victorious with a score of 8–1 on Friday and 6–5 in overtime on Saturday, bringing their record for home games to 8−0−0. Photo By: Kate Dupon | Photographer

The Ferris State hockey team is ranked 17th in the nation according to U.S. College Hockey Online.

The Bulldogs are 8–0 at home this season and it marks the best home start in school history. Ferris has outscored its opponents 39–16 in eight home contests this season.

The team is 9−3−2 overall and 4−2−2−2 in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA). The team is currently fifth overall in the CCHA with 16 points. Ferris is unbeaten in its last six contests and has not lost since Oct. 31. Junior defenseman Zach Redmond said everyone on the team is playing well together.

“All four of our lines are contributing at different times and I think everyone knows their role,” said Redmond.

The Bulldogs swept Ohio State in its last contests. In the first game, Ferris scored nearly at will en route to an 8–1 victory. The team scored three goals in just three minutes and 44 seconds to take a quick 3–0 lead. (more…)


Women’s CC 11th Nationally

by Published: Dec 2, 2009

The Ferris State women’s cross country team placed 11th at the national meet

The Ferris State women’s cross country team finished 11th at the 2009 NCAA-II National Championships, tying the second-highest result in school history.

Junior Tina Muir led the Bulldogs with a time of 21 minutes and 11 seconds, which was good enough for a 12th-place finish. She earned All-American honors for the second consecutive season. Muir also finished 12th at the championship meet last season. (more…)


Ready for the Storm

by Published: Dec 2, 2009

Ferris was recognized as a StormReady University by the National Weather Service

During times of inclement weather, Ferris students, faculty and staff can be assured that their safety is a top priority now that FSU is StormReady.

On Nov. 18 the National Weather Service recognized Ferris as a StormReady University, one of only four in Michigan to receive this acknowledgment.

In the spring, students in Dr. Tom Behler’s Sociology of Emergency and Disaster class began examining campus emergency preparedness at Ferris and initiated the StormReady application process. (more…)


Letter From the Editor: A Sign of Adulthood

by Published: Dec 2, 2009

Just a few days ago I was elated to receive an invitation to try Google Wave.

Google Wave is the latest from Google and described as a tool for communication and collaboration. Essentially, Google has combined free e-mail, free instant messaging and free richly formatted text documents into one service that allows a group of people to share and edit various types of information.

Google allowed only a limited review in an effort to prevent bugs and to develop and improve the system with user feedback. Limited invitations and a “word of mouth” buzz was a helpful bit of marketing. (more…)


Relationship Building Meeting Brings Up Trust Issues

by Published: Dec 2, 2009

Issues with trust among faculty, problems installing new courses core of discussion

Discussions during the meeting concerning the College of Arts and Sciences dealt with issues of instituting new courses and trust among faculty members.

Those present at the fourth relationship-building meeting that took place on Nov. 19 were President David Eisler, Matt Klein, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, board of trustee members, FFA Representatives, and Provost Fritz Erickson, who facilitated the discussion.

“We are sincere about improving our working relationships,” said Erickson. (more…)

Cartoon: The Recovery Begins

J. Ventura’s Best Role: Himself

Published: Dec 2, 2009

Neal Justin, MCT

Jesse Ventura’s most glaring flaws self-absorption, paranoia, stubbornness serve him to near-perfection in his latest and most promising TV project, “Conspiracy Theory,” premiering Wednesday on cable’s TruTV.

His other small-screen efforts, as a talk-show host and a sports commentator for the short-lived XFL football league, forced the former Minnesota governor to stray from his favorite subject: himself. Not this time. The new series may promise to be about government and corporate coverups, but it’s really about Ventura playing tough-talking detective a role that fits like a snug fedora. (more…)